#Egypt #travel Egyptologists Open a Newly-Discovered Pyramid

Excavations in Dahshur have revealed something exciting: a brand new pyramid, discovered beneath a local quarry. Shortly after, archaeologists find the passage that leads into the heart of the tomb.

From the Show: Mystery of the Lost Pyramid


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  1. Stay out of the tomb. Do not collect or recover anything from it. I've literally been emailing people trying to get a hold of someone to tell you what I have seen… I've had crazy dreams about this exact place since I was a kid and recently everyday since 2017 and about my past life , it's just that in my dreams it's beautiful not buried in large dust piles and it is NOT just a burial site … Also two weeks ago a leopard, lion and sphinx visited me in my dream idk what happened on the 22nd but stop whatever it is that y'all are doing please . This is meant to remain a secret keep it scarade .. has Human civilization has learned nothing?? the more you uncover burial sites and disrupt resting grounds the more illness and war spreads through the Earth. Keep your idiotic curious hands out of things that are cursed and only for the dead to touch. You guys are disrupting everything. If y'all knew anything about true history you would know not to touch the Pharos or take from the tombs let alone UN COVER anything unless you are told so in a specific dream . There is written warning explaining what will happen if you do. Stop while you are ahead. Stop removing the remains…. Let me also explain to you guys that most mummies weren't in these Chambers and anyone of high significance was buried together in a location I continuously go back to in a dream .. some of the artifacts y'all un covered were decoys .

  2. Archaeologists are just grave robbers with degrees. If someone else hadn’t taken the stuff first, the artifacts would have been shipped off and sold to museums far from the intended burial.

  3. What people don't understand is that literally step on history ! And absolutely everywhere, left and right and back and forth. The ground underneath our feet is nothing but life turned to dust PERIOD

  4. How ironic the Smithsonian even mentions grave robbers. Where are all of the ancient skeletons and grave goods that were turned over to your institution for "study" ,never to be seen again? Seriously, what information has the Smithsonian hidden from the world about the discoveries found in North America? Instead of sharing the truth about what you have, you hide and probably destroy the TRUTH. Your deceit goes against everything that your institution was founded on. You are a disgrace to science and archaeology!

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