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Egypt Trip Vlog 4K ( Giza, Marsa Shagra, Cairo ), Egypt Vacation Guidebook 2017, Egypt Tourism & Holidays 2017
Vacation Vlog 4K

Egypt: Giza, Marsa Shagra, & Cairo

We experienced 3 evenings full in Cario which bookended our trip to Marsa Shagra for diving. The commencing of the trip was dedicated to the pyramids, beginning with the remarkable view from our resort, aptly named, Ideal See Pyramids Lodge!

We planned a total day tour with a non-public tutorial & transportation to the Giza Pyramids, Sphinx, the historical capital of Memphis, and Saqqara (the move pyramid).

Obtaining the tutorial was terrific for multiple reasons: someone else drives you by the madhouse that is Cairo traffic, you don’t get hassled if you’re with a regional, and you truly study about what you’re hunting at.

Obtaining a tutorial was also terrific, simply because he insisted on currently being our photographer and knew all the typical normal tourist poses.

The Giza pyramids are truly the previous of a series of pyramids that act as tombs for many pharaohs (kings) during the time of the Aged Kingdom. Basically, earlier pharaohs perfected the pyramid, so by the time King Khufu was prepared to build his tomb he was ready to go major or go house with the Terrific Pyramid. And opposite to well known perception, the Terrific Pyramid is the to start with in the series of 3. The 2nd pyramid, designed by Khufu’s son – Kahfre, did not want to outshine his dad so his pyamid was smaller out of respect. It only appears to be larger sized simply because the plateau on which it’s designed is higher. (Strategic arranging possibly?) The 3rd and samllest pyramid belongs to Menkaure, the grandson of Khufu.

Sadly, the Terrific Pyramid (Khufu) was closed on the day we were there. We were ready to go inside the 3rd pyramid, though, which may well have truly been a blessing in disguise. The tomb of the 3rd pyramid is in the base. The tomb of the terrific pyramid is in the major aka: we did not have to climb up 300+ stairs to see an vacant space (all the tombs have been raided).

The second 50 % of the day was used at the historical capital of Memphis and Saqqara which was the necropolis for the capital. Saqqara is house to the Djoser move pyramid (named just after King Djoser) which was the to start with pyramid and thought of really revolutionary. Saqqara by itself is a substantial advanced, and we were ready to go in a couple other perfectly preserved tombs.

Following Giza, we headed south for a minor R&R and diving at Pink Sea Diving Safari- Marsa Shagra. This was the exact same area that we visited in 2015 when we accomplished our open up drinking water program. We made the decision to occur back again simply because we did not really feel like we were ready to truly get advantange of all the diving this area has to present. We were freshly accredited and nevertheless timid, and required a repeat!

Of program, the resort by itself is attractive. We decide on this particular business becuase they operate really hard to preserve the reef by treating their homes as marine safeguarded areas, obtaining selected times for ‘reef thoroughly clean-up’, they present conservation classes, and have an over-all target on ‘earth friendly’ practices. For example, every particular person who arrives is offered one drinking water bottle (if you don’t carry your individual) and you’re questioned to refill at many drinking water stations positioned close to the residence.

What will make this area especially particular though, is the angle. The staff members are outside of pleasant and practical. The dive instructors go out of their way to get to know the company, and the boat motorists may well not know your title but they know your experience and they know your dive choices. “North reef zodiac-zodiac?” – sure remember to.

Right here, your limitless dive offer will allow you to dive as significantly as you want in their home reef, which in by itself has six distinctive possibilities and, according to the instructors, is “one of the best in the Pink Sea”. Every thing is absolutely relaxed and at your individual rate. You just create on the boards where you’re likely, what time you go away, and your anticipated return time and off you go!

When we arrived I would say we were relativley inexperienced even though we have our superior certification. But this trip, we practically doubled the range of dives in our lifetime and applied the time to observe some vital capabilities.

We started out and finished the week with attractive temperature. The middle of the week (you may well want to sit down for this) it RAINED. Yup. I get in touch with it the curse of The Netherlands. I mean, it didn’t’ rain for 3 times straight or anything at all, but on 3 afternoons there was significant winds and a passing storm which, as you can picture, greatly transformed the visibility.

Back again to Cairo for one night. Primary aim: The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, which (no lie) each individual Egyptian particular person we spoke to questioned “Have you been to the museum?”. Egyptian people today are extremely very pleased of their museum, as they should be, becuase it’s rather practically jam packed with amazing points. And sure, we were ready to see King Tut’s mask (his mummy is in Luxor). No photographs permitted though. It is remarkable how perfectly preserved it is.


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