We were literally on another planet driving through the Sahara desert of Egypt and sleeping in the middle of the White desert, it is a unique experience we highly recommend if you visit Egypt in 2018.

We went through the Black dessert, the White desert and Crystal mountains where you get the feeling of being on Mars or another planet. When we were sleeping in the desert Mars was actually really close to Earth so we had this amazing chance to see it in the best condition.

Travelling to Egypt and especially to the desert was a bit challenging for safety questions but we quickly realized that everything runs smoothly and we didn’t encounter any safety problems. If you want to travel to Egypt in 2018 we definitely recommend it, it is cheap, full of culture and a beautiful red sea and there is less tourists right now.

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Main Camera
Second Camera
Wide angle lens
Go Pro
Rode Mic


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  1. The video has been very professionally done. The editing and background music is good. Well done team volpe! I guess Sophi has done the editing of the video?! She does fantastic editing of videos.

  2. hi guys awesome video
    would you mind sharing who took you to the desert
    trying to source a reliable tour guide for the very same trip you did.
    was it good?
    would you recommend it and what would you do different next time around

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