#Egypt #travel Egypt Travel Guide Top 10 things you must do in Egypt

We’ve accumulated our Egypt Travel Guide of the Top 10 things you must see in and do when you are Egypt. We have over 40 videos in our Egypt playlist but in order to keep things fast and entertaining for you we got it down to our list of 10 best.

Our Amazing Egypt Playlist:

00:44 Valley of the Kings
03:25 Karnak Temple
06:54 Hatshepsut Temple
08:59 Valley of the Kings
12:18 Cairo Street Markets
18:21 The Egyptian Museum
22:04 Felucca Ride
24:36 Nubian Village
26:46 Abu Simbel
29:28 Egyptian Food
30:01 Kushari
31:08 Egyptian Tea House
32:19 Nile Cruise
34:19 Temple Kom Ombo
34:53 Edfu Temple
37:38 Dendera Temple
38:11 Abydos Temple
39:16 Luxor Temple
42:01 Saqqara Egypt
43:15 Serapeum of Saqqara

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  1. Hi there from Australia. Just came across your videos and absolutely love them. Would love to travel with you guys cos I love to travel as much as you guys and see as much as this earth has to offer.

  2. Hi Doug & Niki, My name is Sandy. I am so delighted to see your posting about Egypt. What was your itinerary of the trip? Did you use Tour company to book the trip, Nile Cruise, Felucca & tour activities? Please share in regards to which company & how you book the trip? I loved your comparison between FS Nile & Residence. How was the food on movenpick royal lily for breakfast, lunch & dinner? Was the food repetitive for each night? Thank you so much. Anything that you would like to share, please do. email address: shm1823@gmail.com

  3. Hello guys! Thank you for these tips. Will consider them on my future trip to Egypt. Let's pray for a vaccine to get rid of this coronavirus that ruined my trip this summer.

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