#Egypt #travel Egypt TRAVEL ADVICE JULY 2015 BRITISH TOURIST Is it safe? NO! Lone Traveller

AS OF 4th NOVEMBER 2015 BRITISH FLIGHTS TO Sharm EGYPT HAVE BEEN SUSPENDED !!!!! Hello this is my advice for you. I have been to Egypt about 30 times, but this time July 2015, everything has changed. The temples are void of tourists. I was the only one in Karnak and Luxor temple. You are now not allowed to vist the Edfu Horus temple. Security is so tight it ruins your holiday. I was cocky, and I went this week, it was scary, and I wish I had not have gone. I surggest booking somewhere else for your next holiday.


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  1. Listen to this girl. A few months later a Thomson flight from the UK landing at Sharm swerved an RPG.
    A Russian Metrojet was blown up and 200+ pssengers killed.

    Yes, its dangerous.

    Try Santorini in Greece for an alternative, you wont want to go to Egypt again tbh

  2. Thanks for your input, its strange I have seen so many various different opinions on Egypt and whether it is safe or not to travel there. I would argue that raised security would mean that it is in fact actually safer than if there were no security, having said that you do have to question the need for raised security a little bit. It is known that Egypt is largely a Muslim country with only 10% of religion in Cairo being Christian. I don't think that has anything to do with terrorists or terrorism though, its more to do with cultural differences I would suggest. would it maybe be a case of applying the whole "When in Rome" routine if it is a Muslim country? Perhaps that would inspire less rudeness and hostility? I know that some Muslims might not fully understand our western ways or necessarily approve of them so being an independent female traveler speaking Arabic or not might attract negative attention? These are only observations and suggestions. I would like to know more about your experience there though as I have always wanted to visit Egypt and would like to know from personal accounts instead of glossy travel mags and sales people. 🙂 thanks.

  3. I guess it's still the same now or worse? It is Disappointing as I've love Ancient Egypt and wanted to see and visit the Ancient sights for the past 20 years.

  4. Omg… I'd like to say you're talking nonsense; but ashamedly it's true; you're not wanted even if you're Egyptian (like I am) I hate to say don't go… But for now it's just not as fun as it used to be

  5. This is very upsetting ! I've never been to Egypt but Egypt is one of my favourite countries to travel as I find it very sacred from biblical times .Its sad to hear at how dangerous and unfair its is over there now it actually makes me sad .I just wish the people of the world was kind & humble towards one another so we can all travel safely to enjoy each other's life style & enjoy life .

  6. My wife and I visited Egypt between 11/22/15 and 11/29/15, Cairo & Luxor. Our experience is drastically different than yours in that we were well treated and felt 100% safe. I agree with you that the Pyramids, Luxor Temple, Valley Of The Kings hardly had any tourists but that turned out to be a good thing as a traveler. Here's our video:

  7. It seems like she is searching for things to not like. They wack the paper in your hand? They don't say "Thank You." Unfortunately this happens in many countries. I understand the safety issues but some of the things seem like a stretch to me.

  8. Hi, I am an American and am thinking of going for my boyfriend´s sister´s wedding in Alexandria in May 2016. Unfortunately he is unable to go because he is Coptic and getting political asylum in the US (his current status won´t allow him to travel out of the country), but I was wanting to go for him and to meet his family, who will take care of me. Do you think things will have calmed down by then and it will be safe for me? Thanks in advance.

  9. Ughh…. This was helpful! I've been wanting to visit Egypt for the longest time. Now that I'm able to, sht hits the fan. You've confirmed my suspicions of traveling here. This just sucks, all these beautiful cities and cultures are being lost. I hope this soon comes to an end and peace comes soon.

  10. good advice. we toured there whilst the first uprising happened. will NEVER visit Egypt again. Egypt is a dirty dangerous place. anywhere you need armed guards isn't a fun place to be.

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