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#Egypt #journey Driving in Alexandria, Egypt listening to Dalida, Aghany Aghany مصر- الاسكندريه

Summer season 2009 Me driving in Alex listening to the great Egyptian Singer Dalida…Song is Aghany Aghany usually means (Tracks-Tracks) she is in essence conversing about how considerably she misses her nation Egypt (she was in france at the time) and she is remixing aged traditional Egyptian songs into her possess way & conveying how […]

Zoo Tours Ep. 79: Africa at the Cincinnati Zoo (2008)

The Cincinnati Zoo is known for keeping its history alive and well, even in their newer projects at times – fortunately, not here! They took an eight acre parking lot, at the time it was their last bit of major undeveloped land – and piece by piece an element of Africa was added over an […]

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