#Egypt #travel Egypt opens historic expansion of Suez Canal

Egypt has officially unveiled a major expansion of the water way. The massive public works project aims to increase the amount of traffic handled through the passage, and the expansion is expected to have a major impact on global trade and security. Alex Ortiz reports from the banks of the canal.


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  1. They ought to change the name to sewage canal…

    This whole country is floating on sewage…yet they act so arrogant and reject you for a name or some paperwork…while they live in sewage pipes…


  2. Good job Egypt !   Egypt and Panama (Panama Canal April 2016) can invest in themselves and help the W O R L D !  Why can not the US invest in it self and help the world (with the Pipeline, expanded 1200 foot Mississippi River Locks and the 0.1% tax on shipping containers to help improve the Ports-in stead going to the General Fund) ?

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