#Egypt #travel Egypt Hotel Scam !!! // How we received tricked at Pyramids

Watch as we get the Bait and Swap on our hotel. The operator experienced “two hotels” switching us for the a single much absent from the pyramids entrance. Luckily our awesome taxi driver took us back to Giza at an awesome hotel in front of the Sphinx with the very best sights. Portion of adventure travel. Egypt was a fantastic experience with amazing helpful folks (except this hotel operator) – Nathan and Seamus of Journey with Young ones Tv set fillm this phase as we travel from Cairo to Giza in look for of our hotel. and for a lot more data on Journey with Young ones and our adventure excursions.


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  1. Two years ago I was in Egypt and for my bad luck decided to visit these pyramids at around 12 pm, first the taxi driver who drove me from new Egypt to the pyramid was frank and told me to go there in the early morning, since the weather would be nice and no crowds. Once we arrived at the Nazlat Al Saman (where you see the garbage, horses, camels, kids running everywhere) there came in the taxi two young men, and since I know Arabic they didn’t play their game of swindling openly and lightly, they said they have a horse-run cart and that they will not charge that much, I said ok, I got in the cart, but prior to that you have to pass through a gate guarded by some policemen, and you got to buy a ticket (cost for Arabs and Egyptians such as 5 Egyptian pounds, as for foreigners they might charge you 100 pounds, the cheated me and took 50 pounds, a guy came around said hey I will take your photos while with your phone (my own phone!). then he asked for 50 pounds, I gave him 20.
    Got into the cart, a policeman seemingly they they play the game of swindling tourists in association with him, and he said hey you are not allowed to be here, they two guys in front of the cart said ok, this rider will pay and then we will come back to you. Then they took me to a guy who has a camel (very exhausted and malnourished poor camel) and he said come and ride on this camel, then suddenly a guy with a camera appeared from nowhere and said and I will take you photos while you are on the camel, once I sat on the camel, its owner grabbed a Coca-Cola bottle from a street vendor I asked him, how much it does cost? He said nothing, then after the photos was taken, Hhhhhh the true game showed up, the camel owner said you have to pay me $ 150 (for 5 minutes sitting on the camel back) and the Coca-Cola vendor said I need 50 Expounds, the photographer asked another high price for taking photographs and then printing them for me, I paid half of these, then the cart guys drove to this shop in the video intentionally, they will get commission from the shop owner for bringing in clients (International Center Perfumes & Papyrus ) once I was there two young ladies swarmed me and tries to sell me some oily perfumes asking high prices ( then I bought small bottles) and left, they asked for another large amount for just driving me around and I didn’t even see the sphinx nor the pyramids at close range.
    It was an adventure, even though the amounts they ask are petty compared to $$, but still nobody likes to be swindled.

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