#Egypt #travel Egypt Guide Part 2 – The Rest of Cairo


  1. solid advice man, being ex military having been to Iraq and Afghanistan I know what expect.(taking photos of ECP'S is a HUGE NONO) basically its like Iraq all over again except im not toting my m249 machine gun threating to cut down anyone who fucks with me. plus living in Baltimore city honestly I get more nervous walking down the streets of Baltimore then in cairo. and trust me the I know how you feel about the kids. THEY ARE BASTARD KIDS. we used to throw flash bang grenades at groups of kids just to get them to stop following us. then when I was in afghaistan one of the kids climbed into one of our trucks and stole our LT'S bag. (the bag had sensitive items in it) well our CO came out and told the village elders that we would "bomb you and your little village off the face of the fucking earth" if you dont give us our bag back. (we actually had two f-15's on standby that day) but to make a long story short we got our LT's bag back..

  2. hey, I watched both of your Egypt/ Cairo Videos and I liked it. Really an eye opener. I am visiting Egypt this year, after a couple of months. This is 2018, has the situation changed or has it remained the same. Also, I am waiting to hear from you on places outside, like Luxor, Aswan & the Nile Cruise. Do upload maybe a video on the same.

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