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The second largest Giza Pyramid, Chepron, will be reopened to the public in mid-July after nearly a year of renovation.

Workers cleaned up graffiti, mended cracks and installed new lighting and ventilation systems.

Three other tombs, from the fourth dynasty, will also be opened to the public for the first time since their discovery around 50 years ago.

This is the pyramid Chepron, named after the King whose tomb it became.

The latest restoration work took nearly a year to complete but now the pyramid will be open to the public again.

A ventilation system was put in to relieve the ancient structure of built-up humidity, the result of the breathing of thousands of visitors every day.

The humidity inside the pyramid crystallised into a thick layer of salt that caused cracks to spread.

Egypt’s Culture Minister Farouk Hosni will attend the opening ceremony alongside Zahi Hawas, Director of Giza Plateau.

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“The Pyramid of Chepron was closed for one year, we did inside some important work such as cleaning the salt, changing the electricity system, restoring some of the cracks inside the pyramid and installing a new ventilation system to the pyramid. The pyramid will be open to the public in July and also we will close the third pyramid because we do a rotation system by closing two pyramids and closing one pyramid a year.”
SUPER CAPTION: Zahi Hawas, director of Giza Plateau

Three other tombs, from the fourth dynasty, will also be opened for the public on the same day for the first time since their first discovery around 50 years ago.

Visitors to the pyramids will get a chance to see them in their full splendour.

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“I’m very excited and that they can have the opportunity to go in and see that would be a wonderful thing. But it’s a tremendous experience just to be here to see the magnificence of this isn’t that what it’s all about. It’s wonderful.”
SUPER CAPTION: Joanne Odean, an American tourist from California

The first tomb, whose walls bear coloured paintings belongs to Eymery, who was a priest of the famous king Cheop.

What signifies this tomb is that the paintings its walls bear depict how Egyptians used to produce wine.

The second tomb is called Neferbauptah, after the son of Eymery.

The third tomb belongs to Duaenre of the fourth dynasty.

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