#Egypt #travel Egypt – A fantastic journey from Cairo to Luxor | 3D World

To get pleasure from this 3D documentary about Egypt, keep in mind to have on anaglyph 3D eyeglasses* every time the image seems on your display screen.

Egypt, land of the Pharaohs, the Pyramids, the Sphinx and the wonderful river Nile. With more than 6000 many years of historical past, even now we are all effected by, and indebted to, Egypt’s glorious historical past, as this is the birthplace of writing, drugs, arithmetic and understanding.
Egypt is a place of thriller and ponder and most likely the birthplace of civilization as we know it.
Discover the outdated and the new and expertise sites wherever the previous and current seem to be to unite.

Offered by Katrina Hobbs

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*Anaglyph 3D eyeglasses have coloured eyeglasses, ordinarily purple and cyan.


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