#Egypt #travel EGYPT 2021 | Why you NEED to visit Egypt NOW.

Hey guys!

Happy to see you here 🙂

I just came back from a one week trip in Egypt, and I vlogged the entire experience for you to get an idea on how Egypt looks like now and whether you should add it to your travel list or not *who am I kidding, I can already tell you that YES, you have to book this trip now* – so go find out what exactly to book, in the video.

We’ll talk about several trips that you can book, how the resort looks like, what to eat and many other cool aspects of this holiday.

So grab some tea, some popcorn maybe (as the video is quite long) and enjoy!

Thanks a lot! ❤️

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  1. Iam from Egypt and thank you for your beautiful words and by the way we also suffer from the seller in shops also that is thier way to make money, don't make this annoying you ,you are welcome.

  2. I was hoping you would cover more info like Entry requirements during covid, transportation, monetary info, is it safe?, best way to travel?, do they ask for rapid test or PCR? Etc

  3. loved your videos ❤ You have to come again to see the New Grand museum and our New capital and tourism will be much much better . BTW no one will bother you with asking 4 tips if you have an egyptian guide with you it would be great and will help you next time .

  4. Am Ethiopian and wanna visit Egypt so much because there are many strong Orthodox Christians and historical religious places. I want to go to churches and get blessing from those holy fathers☺️

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