#Egypt #travel Deserted Pyramids IN Egypt – identifying historical Mummy

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  1. I think that the idea that people of the past weren’t as intelligent as we are today is stupid I think they built the pyramids and their methods are just lost to time and they took over 20 years to build with over 100,000 workers so it’s not like it was a fast project and so the pyramids had tombs and treasure rooms and it’s believed that the great pyramids tomb is hidden and the Kings tomb that they originally found that didn’t have a body in it was just a purposely placed fake Kings tomb and it’s now believed that what looked like wiring connections was actually ornaments but still isn’t proven so the idea that the Egyptians had electricity is intriguing but I find it unlikely, cleopatra (who is thought to be the last pharaoh of Egypt) her reign as ruler is closer to our current time period than it is to the building of the pyramids, the pyramids are far more ancient than the final days of ancient Egypt it is likely that if they had electricity as far as the pyramid days then they would’ve had electricity in the later days of ancient Egypt as well and the romans would’ve taken that technology when they conquered Egypt but they didn’t, the romans would’ve kept it and it would’ve been documented around that time is when history really began to be recorded and documented

  2. I have booked going to Egypt three times for a vacation. All three times my travel agent told me not to go within days due to the violence. Egypt is not the safest place to visit. But one of these days I will. I'm a huge history buff and this is my dream vacation.

  3. Wow!  This is exciting!  Camels are known for their nasty dispositions but yours seemed gentle.   Is it musty smelling in there? Was the pharaoh on the wall given a name?  Thanks for taking us along and by the way, I think the flying carpets were in India!

  4. another cool explore. I don't think I'd have dealt with the obnoxious peddlers as well as y'all did. I think I'd most likeley be driven to be very rude to them for bothering me. it would be an interesting place to explore, though. stay safe out there..

  5. I am addicted to ancient history especially the ancient people and their city's ,because of the mystery and the unknown that surrounds them, i love all you vids but i like this one the most for now

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