#Egypt #travel Daily life in Cairo 2021


  1. Arrived to Cairo back in April for one week and I decided to not leave.

    This place has touched my heart for real. The simplicity of life and the beauty of the place and the people.

    With all its good and bad components.

    Cairo was nothing like I was warned about online. Everyone I have met here have been the nicest people in the world.

    I love Egypt.

  2. Once on my way to visit Sadat's tomb,who I consider a Saint,
    I ran for a bus but it escaped me.The Traffic Cop spot there saw
    it and they stood and applauded me as I walked back to the curb-I was a real Egyptian.

  3. more of this kind of videos should be put out there for people to see. it's not romanticized. it's genuine.
    although you're technically on a tourist route, locals' everyday life with all of its challenges still manages to seep in.

    Also the editing is great – I feel this is underappreciated – you did excellent job!

  4. Hi.. I am Indonesian, I plan to go to Egypt. How is the flight procedure in Egypt for traveler?
    We must quarntine
    After arriving at Cairo Airport??? How many check point at the airport??

  5. Absolutely fantastic video in it’s genuine, non-Instagram approach. This is what probably 90% of your trip will look like, real life, real people, the traffic noise , garbage, hustle bustle of most streets. The lack of chatty-touristy comments is rather refreshing since we can find hours of tourist videos with annoying comments from non professionals. This video does not try to compete with professional tourism videos and that’s what makes it unique. But don’t be fooled by it’s simplicity, it covers a lot of ground and is done with a steady hand, nice framing and long quiet shots that makes you believe this could be you walking the streets aimlessly, just observing real life happening; no errors in film making, shots long enough to get the feeling but edited enough not to be one sided or boring or too “music video clip” like.
    I’m going there in three weeks, but have prepared by, amongst other things, looking at You Tube videos on the place, like this one.
    I know this gives a good reality check because I have travelled so much that I can see this is probably the real feeling of the place. Having done this process, without the benefit of “real life” videos like this for trips to Athens, Casablanca, Sao Paulo, Bogota, Barcelona, Havana, Algiers, Tel Aviv, Shanghai, Tokyo, Ho Chi Minh, and many others, I now know there is a deep gap between Tourism videos and real life experience. This video captures a slice of real life, from a single point of view, in a specific time, that probably represents some aspects of the experience that many will see. Obviously, some jetsetters may only see a luxury point of view, totally different than this, but that is the famous 1%, not what the average Cairo resident or visitor will see. I liked the inclusion of the Egyptair safety video, being an airline crew myself, this puts the video in a historical timeframe tighter than the 4000 years of the Pyramids, for example ! Thanks for daring to think this worthy of publishing.

  6. مؤسف جدآ هذا الجمال في التصوير ينقصه التعليق (عربي أو انكليزي) حتى يتسنى للمشاهد معرفة ماذا يشاهد .. تحياتي

  7. After all that new roads and new cities we still don't have the attitude of cleanliness in the streets or event crossing the streets when we (Egyptian)learn to behave correctly as human beings and decent enough for all what the Government doing for us please I think its time for things to change

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