#Egypt #travel Cruising on The Nile River | EGYPT #two

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My title is Mary and I designed this channel to share with you my journey on how I overcame years of battling with stress and anxiety and an array of having conditions through a superior carb, low excess fat vegan life-style and nourished myself again to well being – bodily, mentally and spiritually. Right here I hope to inspire, motivate and assist men and women in any way I can so that you may well all turn into the finest versions of on your own.

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  1. Okay, you're companion, yummy, again. Especially when he said, "You can do whatever your heart desires." Did you not fall in love then? If he's not a relative, of course. In that case, send him here. Btw, he looks much groovier without the stache. Cheerio!

  2. So I just binge watched your last like four or five videos haha Its so cool to see where you've been and especially to see the pyramids again through your vlog! I loved it there… I can't get over how cute you are and how excited to got in each video! It really made me smile all the time watching. Love you xx

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