#Egypt #travel Chamber Inside Great Pyramid || Pyramid Secret Footage || Great Pyramid of Giza

Egypt is famous for its archaeology and pyramids. It is still a mystery how the pyramid was constructed. The Pyramids complex is 13 km from the capital Cairo. The Giza Plateau has 9 pyramids. The Great Pyramid of Giza is the largest pyramid in the world of Egypt. You can enter the Pyramid of Giza by paying Rs 1,800.

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  1. this is the perfect video of why I would never go inside a pyramid..just too damm scary even with the lights on it must be hot as hell and who knows what it smells like. not to mention bugs and scorpions. and what would happen if there was an earthquake.. i guess this is why we look at video of this heroes who take risks that we dare not take.. the view from the shabby hotel roof was beautiful.

  2. The reason for which the Great Pyramid was built perfectly illustrates the desire and determination of the people to leave a trace of their passage through this life and the construction of the Great Pyramid for the Pharaoh Cheops represents a symbol of eternity! Read the book ( NO MONEY ), ” THE SECRETS OF BUILDING THE GREAT PYRAMID OF EGYPT ” on the website-ul http://www.thegreatpyramidofegypt.com accessing „Read fragments” 1 – MENU / Menu ; 2 – English / Română ; 3 – FRAGMENTS OF THE BOOK / Fragmente din carte ; 4 – Comments / Comentarii ; in English or Romanian and comment on the book , photos with models made of wood and brass board, drawings and sketches commented by the author of the book and logical explanations ?!? motivated by the construction of the Great Pyramid of Egypt. On page 59 is a centralizator with some of the novelties (comment on the 78 news items omitted by Egyptologists and I will send you an autograph book) and assumptions of the authors in the order of their appearance in the pages of the book. Leave a comment if you can! Have a nice day. Thanks for watching! Hănțulie Ionel

  3. This is the Second Pyramid [G2, Khafre, Chephren]. Did you also go into the Great Pyramid [G1, Khufu, Cheops]?
    It's great that they let you take you camera inside. When I was there in June 2019, they said no cameras, but didn't care about smartphones.

  4. I'm one of the very few lucky people to have visited the pyramid of Khufu back in 1985. I was enlisted in the Marines and had a training mission called Operation Bright Star. It's done every 5 years between the US and Egypt. Even tho it's been 35 years, I can still remember the smell inside and the stones. I will take the memory of that pyramid to my grave. Words can't describe the awesomenes of those pyramids. You MUST add a trip to your bucket list. The Egyptians were an incredible people and acomplished many incredible things.

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