#Egypt #travel Chain attack on London to Cape Town cyclists in Egypt

Egypt, November 2015: Things got more sinister later that afternoon. We were cycling through a village called As Sibaiyyah and were being followed by two tuktuks. In one, kids were constantly shouting “money, money, money”. The other was making several close high-speed passes. This became nasty when the lad in the back produced a large iron chain, which he repeatedly threatened us with from the speeding tuktuk. The driver would pass us, drive up the road, turn round then take another headlong run at us…with a chain being dangled from the back seat. The final straw was when he decided to swing the chain out of the tuktuk at us narrowly missing our bikes and enough was enough. We stopped and I think the emotion of it all got the better of Emily who was clearly upset. Within moments of stopping, however, a group of builders came over to help by ensuring the tuktuks couldn’t pass them.

We couldn’t be sure whether there was any real intention to hurt or just intimidate us, but the whole experience was unnerving to say the least and made us wary of any vehicle approaching from behind for the rest of the day.



  1. We have no political motive and we have no bad feelings towards Egypt or Egyptians.
    We do not endorse any person or group using this video for political purposes.
    There are bad people in every country and we know these bad people do not represent Egyptians.

    We posted the video to illustrate a written description of the incident, which has been live on our blog since 2015. Only now have I had time to edit photos/videos because we have been very busy since we completed our trip in 2016 and we are posting an image every day of our time in Africa on Instagram and twitter @supportthecycle
    The video was posted on a cycling forum and we did not anticipate it to be shared so widely outside of the cycling community.

    We would like to visit Egypt again – next time, perhaps a cruise on the river Nile?
    Peace to everyone!

  2. As an Egyptian myself, I'm so sorry about what you experienced there, this isn't representative of our nation. Those people who were doing all these things absolutely don't represent our intentions

  3. 3 Minute video and ive seen about 300 retarxs… guess i better stay away from that country no matter what comments say lol better safe than sorry, dont wanna loose en eye or sum shit

  4. I'm not Egyptian but on behalf of the African continent I am Sorry

    This is why I believe Africa gets about a bad reputation because people in Egypt can be very aggressive.

    But helpfully your London to Cape Town Route and the visitation of other countries want better Sudan people are very friendly Kenya Ethiopia Tanzania and Malawi as well.

  5. Sorry for this awful experience from the poor illiterates but u should have not cycled in this kind of neighbourhoods specially a girl u should know they are irritated as it is unfamiliar and hopefully u understand; again sincere apologies and hope u are healthy 🙂

  6. As an Egyptian who studied and lived in England and Brazil, I understand the anger you might bear against Egyptian folks. However, these ignorant and fool lads are a major part of the youth here and they are growing. The product of absent education violence, and abuse of power, child, drugs, alcohols should be something like that. To us Egyptians reading this, our main problem is that we stopped reading Quran nevertheless practicing it.

    This amazing book is capable of educating us everything missing in school. In our culture, you are a guest to our country and we are obliged to hospitalize guest with generosity. Again, the visitors do not get to see the real manners of us because we stopped reading, learning, and practicing our religion. I lived in Britain 4 years most of which I was very unhappy and troubled.

    The exceptional days I am happy and ok are those when I read and stick to Quran and I can't explain why even though I have a PhD so I believe in scientific procedure. I came to a conclusion that Quran is a key to succeed and be happy and strong. Many people (Egyptians and others) will of course disagree with me. First, this is my personal experience and I am sharing it with honesty.

    Second, all the problems you see, read, and hear about Egypt are the evidence Egyptians are like someone who lost his wallet and key of his home, work, and vehicle so he is stuck in the street. As to non-Egyptians, you probably have your problems too most of which are social, racial, and psychological.

  7. as an egyption i'm sorry for this but there is road more cleaner and safer than this you can contact me if you need any help my number 01000020912 and im really sorry about this i hope you dont regret it egypt has more good places and safer

  8. We are really sorry, but this is what anyone gets going to the uncivilized rural places in most countries…not in Egypt only + there a many people hate American's without any reason..I am really sorry and I hate watch this video..

  9. Many years ago when i was travelling through Egypt, I experienced something very similar to this day after day and I felt horrible. It was my dream land to visit and it is still calling me, just i dont think i have the courage to do it again.

  10. Damn, I'm disappointed of my country, And as a cyclist myself that wears gear and has an expensive bike, I deal with shit like this on a regular basis. I still don't understand the chain one tho.. Emily is so lucky she didn't get hit and thank god he didn't. Stay safe!

  11. Your asking for trouble attempting too travel across that area, the world and its people are not how they have been portrayed too you, good and bad everywhere and your going to pass both in isolated areas

  12. so many people these days are ignorant and savage they never should have any technological equipment that they could use to harm someone. and i do not only mean it bc of the people in this clip. i am also speaking about our own people here in the west. people like antifa members.. peple that willingly harm others just bc they are different. different in skin color, different in religion or different in ideology.. these people are the reason why we can not have a peacefull world..

  13. i am so sorry guys , these people are ignorant they behave like this with girls or with themselves also they think that funny , plus you are from outside then they don't know any thing about travelers and they think you are bad people like they do with Christians or minorities they hit them and destroy their temples, the bad thing 50 % or more in Egypt like these people , they are poor people sometimes they see some one happy or have money or something they get jealous ,

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