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Watch how was my 1st day in Cairo! I have shared information about the Main educate station in Cairo, trains from Cairo, Ticket vending machine, Cairo metro stations, nearby and outstation buses like SuperJet, items to do in Cairo, Khane Khalili sector and valuable travel applications in Egypt.
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  1. Pehle tho mujhe khaane k saath achaar ( pickle ) zaroori tha , abhi tho khaana khane k samay me varun bhaiyya k travelling videos dekhneki aadath hogayi h .. Watching this video and having lunch .. ☺

  2. Varun Bhai… tripadvisor mujhe bahut achha application lagta hai. Mere experience se google trips se bahut better. Sabhi audience k liye aap ek baar apps ka review aur comparison kar sakte ho kya? Will be very helpful for everyone.

  3. Hello Varun, Your videos are encouraging and pleasing to watch. Can you please show your camera equipments, how to use it and tell the details about it in your upcoming videos. All the best!

  4. भाई अब अपनी वीडियो इतनी शार्ट क्यों डालने लग गए 10 से 15 मिनट अब कम से कम 40 45 मिनट की वीडियो डाला करो जिससे कुछ देख तो पाए, वैसे वीडियो बहुत अच्छी लगती है मैं लाइक करता हूं और इसी तरह आप घूमते रहो जानकारी देते रहो

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