#Egypt #travel Cairo, Egypt | The Great Pyramid of Giza (2020)

Cairo, Egypt is the capital and is set on the Nile River. Cairo is most famous for the Pyramids, the pyramids are located in Giza. Giza city is the site of the great pyramids and great Sphinx.

We did a full day tour with Emo tours in Giza. We were staying right across from the Pyramids in Giza at the Pyramid Inn. The tour started at the Giza Pyramids, we walked up to them and got some historic facts and took some photos. After we went to the back side of the Pyramids where we took part in a 30 minute camel ride. Riding a camel through the Pyramids in Giza is a must and every tourist should experience this.

The tour then continued to the famous Bazar in Cairo, it is massive and you can very easily get lost inside. It’s filled with lamps, gadgets, clothing and tourist souvenirs.

This is our final day in Egypt, our next video will us be leaving Egypt and the African Continent.

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  1. Hahah Obama met Dennis the Menace? What an honour. This is definitely a dream of ours as well.. a lifetime dream of mine (Tina). Haha omg.. what an experience. I'm going to assume no more camel riding in your life?

  2. Afraid of camels much… LMFAO! I don't blame you. If ain't a car, I don't ride on it, just in it. Guys this video is Crystal clear. What are you guys filming with? Egypt was beautifuly capture on ur device. You guys look like you had fun. Thanks for sharing!

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