#Egypt #travel Best Ancient Egypt guide ever reveals Secrets of Ancient Egypt. Yousef Awyan.

In this video you see what tourists don’t see and you hear what history doesn’t teach us about Ancient Egypt.

The sound of the first 5 minutes isn’t great, but If you listen well, the information is amazing. After we got out of the car you will hear Yousef loud and clear.

It is an outtake of the film “freedom, Are you a freedom seeker”, available for free on this youtube channel.

In 2011 I was in Egypt on a tour guided by Robert Bauval with Graham Hancock as “special guest”. The tour was attended by about 40 people from all over the world.

Because of the recent Arab spring, the revolution, tourists stayed away from Egypt in fear of attacks. That meant that we had all the ancient sites for our selves! And of course we had a special bunch of crazy people. Not only did they not fear the terror, they were all attracted by Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock, 2 best-selling writers who don’t take written history for granted and did genuine and thorough research.

In Cairo Yousef Abdel Hakim Awyan, living with his family at the feet of the Sphinx, was our guide. He is a stone mason and the son of the well known Egyptologist Hakim.
The third day the group went to Alexandria and for some reason I didn’t feel like joining them. They would return to the same hotel anyway. Ed and Marcus had the same idea and they arranged a personal little tour with Yousef. A bit sneaky, to a place where no tourists are allowed. That little tour is the first part of the video.

2 weeks later we returned to Cairo. On the last day of the tour, again, I went on a little trip guided by Yousef. I could do that because I wanted to interview him at his home (with the sphinx and the pyramids in the background as you can see in the film) and there was time enough before taking the plane back home.
Yousef took me and some others underground on the Giza plateau.

Both these excursions were amazing!
Yousef showed us how and where to look.
You don’t need so much guidance to understand that the story history tells us doesn’t make any sense.


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  1. His father was trained archeologist and Eygptologist , he went Britain . Hevwas brilliant scholar he knew esoteric knowledge that nobody else knew i don't know whether he published books his children follow on his footsteps they seem to be ,great ambassadors for him. In the building it sounds like a standing wave which can apparently knock a person out British archeologists discovered this at Stonehenge and caves near by another state of consciousness

  2. The intricate design of the foundation stones would withstand severe tectonic movements
    I’m sure this must have been a requirement that has been achieved in this truely awesome fashion.

  3. Fuck the arabic republic of egypt, Yousef has to be and deserve to be a pharaoh and rule the most amazing place on earth, thank you for sharing the material, keep going in this eternal searching for enlightment and truth.

  4. Christopher Dunn says the explosion within the Great Pyramid happened because of usage of chemicals. I beg to differ. Yousef´s father insisted it ran purely on water and I believe it. In the link I am putting here you can see what a piece of salt can do in the water under right conditions. I believe something like this happened to the Great Pyramid during the flood 13000yrs ago (salty seawater got inside) and it is not functional since then. That would also indicate it was really built during Zep Tepi (some 40-50.000yrs ago). Similar problem with the Sphinx. 13000yrs old rainfall damage says it had been already raining on it for thousands of years back then and later nobody cared, nobody was possibly around before and those who came around and found it did just a few basic repairs and recarved the head. 13000yrs old rainfall damage and the head of a pharao from 3000 B.C.? There is certainly a huge gap in the history…

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