#Egypt #travel Assassin's Creed: Origins – Discovery Tour: Ancient Egypt

00:00 The Major Regions of Egypt
03:01 Bringer of Life, The Nile River
14:36 Deserts of Egypt
17:19 The Qattara Depression
18:40 Siwa
26:00 The Faiyum
36:23 The City of Memphis
39:39 Rediscovering Egypt
45:48 Natron
47:45 Fauna of Ancient Egypt
53:28 Flora of Ancient Egypt
56:25 Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs
01:04:54 Jean-François Champollion
01:10:54 The Founding of Cyrene
01:17:11 The Agora & Thermal Baths
01:24:14 The Temple of Zeus in Cyrene
01:27:45 Important Monuments of Cyrene
01:35:52 The Acropolis of Cyrene
01:38:45 The Gladiator Arena
01:42:54 Major Exports of Cyrene

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