#Egypt #travel Archaeologists Have Made A Large Discovery Underneath The Giza Plateau In Egypt

Archaeologists have made a substantial discovery underneath the Giza Plateau In Egypt. We choose a look at this recent discovery made less than the Giza Plateau In Egypt.

Back in 2018, there appeared to be a discovery that in all pyramids from all around the globe, such as bosnian pyramid constructions and historical mayan temple constructions, there have been huge bodies of water found out in chambers that ran beneath the pyramids in tunnels that could have stretched for about ten miles. Curiously enough, when scientists commenced looking at the pyramid at Giza, there appeared to be a substantial underground water tunnel community that operate underneath the Giza plateau that had long given that been dried out.

This led scientists to look additional into what was thought to be naturally formed water chambers and the position they could have performed in the building of the huge pyramid and other pyramid constructions.

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  1. Nothin new here..
    Even at school British kids are taught Egyptology is a best guesstimate.
    (Edit): please do a vid on STEAM POWER.
    It's clearly the most probable power for tools of all sorts.
    Possibly even winch toools too.

  2. I'm working with a researcher on the origin of the science, who built it, the purpose….and actually, the findings so far are amazing.
    The science that the pyramids have been used is even older and the purpose wasn't for free energy, it was for guidance, all pyramids were built by the same scientific concept for one purpose to serve to guide the humans during the massive flood that changed the entire world back then.
    civilizations understood that but changed it to fit their control mechanism and dominance over other nations…
    still looking for more evidence but it's more difficult than learning 中文 without any guidance.
    yet we are afraid that the capitalistic power really knows that and use that science, they'll take only the materialistic concept and leave the rest, same happening in the research bias everywhere all over the world.

  3. A pattern is emerging. All pyramid structures appear to be amplifiers of some kind. Granite sarcophaguses filled with biomaterial causes a chemical kind of reaction,including pressure build up that creates electricity. Watched that on another YouTube video. I liked the video but can’t remember which one. I think our ancestors were more intelligent than we give credit. After all it is a bit arrogant to think that creating modern technology now, means that any human in the distant past is somewhat sub ordinate…. like animals intelligence. Which needs to be reclassified.

  4. They used the flowing water under the pyramids as a power generation source. The static electricity of flowing water. there are two types of granite of the pyramid, the inside being that, which can store energy, similar to crystal and the outer which acted as like a container, probably had some way to turbine from that flow of water also. They also did not just drag mega ton blocks across sand dunes or float on reed barges like they want you to think, then shaped them with rock hammers and copper chisels, for the construction of these buildings. The only kind of tree around the nile were palm. The raft concept of floating megaton rocks sounds good..but palm trees dont float, your scientific archaeologists may want to re think this theory.

  5. There is so much to discover in those lands about human past ….sadly it is controlled by dangerous greedy religious fanatics of all Faiths so we will never know whats down there…

  6. the shape of the pyramids have been known to draw energy from the environment,i used to put blunt razor blades under a pyramid with the sides facing north,south etc and the crystals along the blades edge would regenerate making them sharp again its an experiment i learnt as a child many moons ago,wonder what healing properties the water has compared to normal water

  7. I've seen videos of the water chambers under the giza pyramid and it definitely served some kinda purpose. It's weird and way over my head. I wish they let people into the chambers under the sphinx cuz everyone thinks there's a library under there.

  8. Aquifers produce shit loads of energy. It's like the static you create with socks on carpet on massive amounts of steroids. When it's channeled through the shafts, it gets amplified bu the stuff inside the pyramids, whatever it was they used but likely something that was a super conductor. How it works isn't that big a mystery. Why they did it is.

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