#Egypt #travel Archaeological Paths’ Egypt Tour – 09.29.2016 – Day 13

We are sightseeing Cairo today, including the mosque of Muhammad Ali and the Saladin Citadel – representing the height of Arabic religious architecture with its beautiful mosques, ornaments and fortified buildings.

After the discussion about Muslim religion and tradition in the mosque, we drove to the centre of Cairo where we visited the Egyptian Museum, a treasury of Ancient Egypt – where thousands of artifacts are gathered all in one exhibition.

One of the most stunning artifacts that we have seen today in the museum was the golden mask of Tutankhamun. We also could see the most famous mummies of the Egyptian Pharaohs.

Later we returned to our hotel for the farewell dinner. During the two weeks that we have spent together we have learned a lot, found new friends and had so many memorable moments, that it was hard to decide which one was our favorite. We hope that we will meet again soon in the Land of the Pharaohs.

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