#Egypt #travel Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island Tour #7 – Egypt

Hello! Welcome to my new series where I tour viewer islands. This island’s name is “Egypt” by “ShroudSS”.

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Creator code: MA-8609-0164-0431

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Business Email: WilbosEmail@gmail.com

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  1. I really enjoyed this video and the island. It's very creative and unique and I appreciate the work you put in with your videos.

    With that said, there are no native cactii in Egypt. It's a sub-saharan new world species. 1:52

  2. When I heard of Animal Crossing: New Horizons and what you could do, my immediate thought was "build an Ancient Egyptian town" because I am obsessed with Ancient Egyptian history, fashion, customs, language, theology, architecture, art, geology, biota, climate, etc. I've been working on some personal projects on Flight Rising (dragon clan simulator site) for 4 years now and the amount of lore, aesthetics, ideas, art, research and similar I've done is insane. I cannot wait to get a Switch so I can do this myself, it's just that I'm broke,,, still, the things the creator did are incredibly impressive, he captured the aesthetics of Ancient Egypt incredibly well. I don't know how many hours this lad spent on working on this but I feel him. I have 700 hours in AC: Origins alone and around 30,000 hours in personal projects on Ancient Egypt and research. Big fat mood.

    That aside, those "pharaohs" you see on the floor aren't actually pharaohs, they're gods (even though rulers were seen as gods too). The man-headed got is probably Amun but I might be wrong, the second, woman-headed one might be Hathor and the falcon-headed one is Re. It's just that the creator took some design liberties and I like that!

    ALSO, cacti don't exist in the old world! They're native to the Americas! But you're correct when it comes to irrigation, Ancient Egyptians had the most advanced irrigation system in the world back then.

  3. I wish we could have way bigger islands.. or a second one.. I have soooooo many ideas as well as other people.. and you can't really put them into action since you're quite limited with the buildings (probably more coming), all the items, rivers, and stuff you want to do.

    I really really hope Nook one day says "Well, our island got 5 stars and you fully upgraded your house. We actually now can buy a digger and pull up some ground to expand our little island. We could pull up some land mass for let's see.. 5.000.000 bells?" And then you can pick left or right where a bigger bridge will connect to that new land mass and you can have like a second island.

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