#Egypt #travel Ancient Egypt Down load of Nassim Haramein: A Presentation by Bruce Douglas, May 2018, Maui Hawaii

This video is the information given by physicist Nassim Haramein about ancient Egypt during a tour of Egypt with a hundred and sixty of his educated delegates in November 2017, as advised by Bruce Douglas in a Electrical power Point Presentation on Maui.

There was an ancient civilization in Egypt extended before the Pharos of Dynastic Egypt that created the megalithic stone pyramids and granite stone temples of Egypt. This significant tech civilization finished twelve,000 many years back in a Excellent Cataclysm. This is the story of that ET civilization, the electrical power objects they utilised and the story of Black Wholes and singularities.

:00 Intro.
one:08 Define.
2:14 Who was Nassim Haramein?
3:fifty five Excellent Pyramid overview.
7:36 Capstones of the Pyramids.
eight:42 The 3 Chambers of the Excellent Pyramid.
11:11 The pyramids were all about the h2o.
twelve:42 Resonance of the pyramid.
15:23 ARK Crystals of Nassim.
18:00 Our evening in all chambers of all 3 pyramids.
20:04 twelve,000 many years back erosion.
21:48 Temples created as capacitors for resonance.
23:00 Sphinx was carved from just one stone.
25:forty six What are the spheres the Gods are holding?
29:38 Black Complete concept of Nassim.
30:35 Plasma waves and plasmafying of rocks.
31:48 Antigravity space drives of ETs.
32:44 Toroidal fields, singularities and black wholes.
36:22 Fractal fact of black wholes.
38:twelve The microcosm is a fractal of the macrocosm.
forty:33 Generating a black complete singularity in the lab.
42:34 The story of Atlantis from Plato blowing on their own up.
44:ten The science of the Excellent Cataclysm of twelve,000 many years back.
forty six:ten A new concept of the Result in of the Excellent Cataclysm.
47:fifty two Cataclysm finished the Earth’s civilization for 6000 many years.
49:fifty five How exploding singularities may well have brought on the cataclysm.
51:30 Dynastic Egypt created on ruins of pre-cataclysmic Egypt.
53:42 Pre-cataclysmic tunnels crammed with sarcophaguses.
54:38 Our army digs tunnel and plasmafies rocks.
fifty six:fifty Temples use h2o and resonance for healing.
fifty eight:forty six Charging the temple with our ARK crystals.
fifty nine:fifty eight Museum tour examines electrical power objects.
one:03:02 Courting the statues by the form of stone.
one:03:fifty eight Systems of the sarcophagus.
one:05:ten The pharaoh with the elongated cranium worships the singularity.
one:06:25 Treasures of the museums.
one:07:forty The Bent Pyramid and the precision of its capstones.
one:ten:23 Ancient pre-cataclysm metropolis of Memphis.
one:twelve:34 Temple of the Hathors and the meaning of its carvings.
one:15:fifty seven The “Bagdad Battery”.
one:sixteen:fifty six ET landing pad on roof of the Temple of the Hathors.
one:18:34 Capacitor partitions of earthen clay surround temples.
one:19:35 Osirieon Temple with Flower of Lifetime etched into stone.
one:21:06 Luxor Temple analyzing pre-cataclysmic vs dynastic Egypt.
one:23:04 Obelisk were tuning forks.
one:25:32 Pre cataclysmic statues in dynastic limestone temples.
one:26:09 Mosques and Catholic church buildings created on ancient internet sites.
one:26:forty Valley of the Kings were pre-cataclysmic tunnel.
one:28:forty six The Unfinished Obelisk displays us the plasma wave know-how.
one:31:11 Elephantine Island pre-cataclysmic singularity shrines.
one:33:34 Comparing Egypt, Pre-Inca, Mexico and Indonesian temples.
one:34:32 The Exodus of Moses from Egypt with the singularity.
one:36:00 Moses crossing the Pink Sea with support of the singularity.
one:37:15 Ark of the Covenant.
one:38:32 Crossing the River Jordan making use of electrical power of the Ark of the Covenant.
one:39:twelve So what was the Ark of the Covenant?
one:42:ten How the Ark of the Covenant brought down the Walls of Jericho.
one:forty three:54 The pre-cataclysmic tunnels of the Temple Mound in Jerusalem.
one:45:00 The Essenes hid the Arc of the Covenant.
one:45:48 The Tale of Jesus and the Ark of the Covenant.
one:47:44 Soon after Resurrection Jesus went again to India.
one:48:30 Mary Magdalene went to France with the Arc of the Covenant.
one:49:00 Arc of the Covenant went to Ethiopia right until current instances.
one:fifty:00 Singularity of Muhammad buried under Mecca.
one:fifty:45 Bermuda Triangle story of its singularity.
one:fifty two:15 Petra Temple of Jordan created the race of giants.
one:fifty two:forty six Gunung Kawi of Bali also created by giants with singularity chambers.
one:fifty six:38 Pyramids around the planet together with Bosnia.
one:fifty seven:04 Are there pyramids in Hawaii?
one:fifty eight:sixteen Issue and Remedy:
one:fifty eight:22 Q1: Pre-Cataclysmic granite vs dynastic period of time limestone.
one:fifty nine:ten Q2: Singularities make wave varieties and Kundalini.
2:00:ten Q3: Female power of the Andes.
2:01:33 This fall: Cataclysm twelve,000 many years back.
2:02:13 Q5: Humans are a young species in contrast to outdated ET species.
2:05:14 Q6: The Intra-Terrestrials vs the Added-Terrestrials.
2:07:45 Q7: It is time to us to mature up and be part of our Galactic Spouse and children.
2:08:fifty eight Q8: The Unified Subject Concept of Nassim.
2:ten:34 Q9: Cost-free power devices.
2:twelve:38 Q10: We can do it on Maui.
2:13:24 Q11: How singularities organize plasma.
2:sixteen:fifty six Q12: All living beings are free power devices.
2:18:24 Q13: Plasma power variations rock into liquid-like rock.
2:19:24 Q14: Nassim was a breatharian for a period of time of time.
2:20:sixteen Q15: The alchemy of fasting singularities.
2:22:18 Q16: Bruce’s Concept of the Excellent Cataclysm.
2:26:08 Finish


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  1. Can you lose the gratuitous sneering smarty pants references to white skin color, insinuating disapproval and mockery? Especially when you’re talking about “the oneness of all things”. And that white guy Einstein and Tesla. I mean can you get over your obvious need to apologize. It’s ok. Shouldn’t have to point that out but I guess you’re not that advanced in your thinking after all. Don’t let it be a stumbling block to your advancement. I mean did you fly in a white male invention to get you there, for example? Or did you take a boat and rickshaw? Spoiler alert: you didn’t.

  2. That was an excellent presentation, Bruce! I subscribed to your channel 🙂
    Were you in Peru with Nassim this year? If yes, will you do a presentation to share the knowledge as you did in this video?

  3. Also the reason the spacing is so perfect is that the structure is vibrating. We all know that a vibrating imperfect structure will grind into perfect alignment eventually, right? It would also self orient itself to the 4 points due to it's base's shape and energy flow pattern from the base shape. All they had to do was rough it out and turn it on slowly.

  4. Maybe the pyramids caused the plasma from space and from our Sun to come down to the pyramid. In this action it also pulls along the Hydrogen associated with that plasma. If the Hydrogen then condenses out of the plasma and hits oxygen from our air, What gets created? WATER! The basic of life and communities of life.
    The curious effect though is it's ability to pull up water from the ground itself in this process. The lower chamber would fill and would only need a tap on the water to start the water hammer device they created in The Pyramid. As the community grew outwards you would need new larger devices to support those communities, right. Especially in the desert.
    There is evidence that the pyramids take advantage of a flow of energy from space to our planet and have siphoned off a good amount of energy via the pyramids.
    The evidence is shown here to an extent.

    Right where the Kings chamber is, is a holder for a container of the most holy energy. To them at least they thought that way. The shew bread or the material they made shew bread came from this container. There is evidence that this shew bread was a product of gold. They call it the white powder of gold or mono atomic gold. And the perfect atomic structure to hold energy. Vibration energy converted in two ways. From the structure of the pyramid via crystal piezo electricity and the slight radioactivity of the rose granite. The container was a capacitor that held mono atomic gold or the stuff shew bread is made of and injected energy via vibrating the mono atomic crystals (piezo electric). The container would charge via these vibrations from the water hammer device from below, that was being driven from the space plasma entering the tip of the pyramid. Oh plasma seeks the ground state so the plasma would enter the tip but the hydrogen would be separated from the flow and seek to have a balance and form water as it condensed or radiated energy away…

    They must have know about a massive water source deep in our planet. A place that we have already found currently. They must have been smart enough to devise a way to pull that water up from that source. This would not have been dangerous because in drawing the water up it relaxes the planets crust. Water is collecting deep inside of our planet. We must pull it back up and give it a chance to evaporate away to balance the flow we are getting from the sun. We know our atmosphere is leaking off of us like a great tail to a comet.

    I'm thinking that we need to get one of these things working again. Especially in Egypt. Egypt needs some assistance. They are growing beyond their ability to support themselves. Having a better source for water by using the ultimate pump would fix their wasteland problem. Water = life! And they need water! They could start small and get bigger as they learn how to utilize this technology. Hence the reason for the three different device sizes at Giza.

    The tip is an interesting puzzle. To me it seems that this shew bread was a superconductor in a sense. If they could make bread with it then they could also make a brick out of it as well, right? And they could make it colored to match the exterior colors and textures to hide the fact that it was the white powder of gold. A more conductive tip would dictate the flow of plasma right? maybe it was a build-able kind of tip like brick stacking. Add more bricks and the flow increases. Lower the number of bricks and it drops down the flow. Need more water then increase the amount of bricks.
    This also could explain why they tried to keep track of the Nile's flood rates and oscillations. Having to drop the water flow via tip mass changes.

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