#Egypt #travel Ancient Aliens: Robot Gods of Ancient Egypt (Year ten) | History

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Ancient Astronaut Theorists believe that that Osiris, Egyptian God of the Underworld, may possibly not only have been an extraterrestrial – but also a robot, in this clip from Year ten, “Aliens and Robots”. #AncientAliens
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  1. They had humanoid robots, performing lengthy tasks for many years. The pillar of a cloud when Moses was for 40 years in the desert. What human pilot would spend that much in a spacecraft providing support. It was a humanoid robot therein just like Osiris.

  2. I don't think Osiris was a Robot. If he was a robot , then why didn't Set destroy the parts , so they can't be assembled. Do think they had been granted the power to create things and beings.

  3. Hand in Osiris back and Osiris skin color looks as if he was dead so his body was being used as a puppet maybe ? Maybe to fool the people that he was still alive and in power , in charge ???? Just a theory I’ve heard

  4. no matter what is true here it is still fascinating, i think it's possible but unsure if it is the case in our current timeline. wherever it is true, untrue or a little of both, if you think of this as a thought experiment it is interesting none the less. not saying it's true nor false, just saying

  5. I think maybe Osiris was murdered, then used, Weekend At Bernies style , to fool the people for whatever “political” reason. That would explain why he’s green skinned and being what looks to be, held or propped up in so many depictions.

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