#Egypt #travel Americans traveling to Egypt – How to Survive the CRAZY Cairo Airport


  1. Seriously why would anyone visit Egypt! Worst place on earth. Yiu have just to stay there couple of weeks outside the tourist bubble and you would see yourself. And its all down to its people! Nothing works there nothing

  2. Isn't it great to be able to travel the world? I know, some planes aren't super luxurious but beats walking. By the way, love the smile ( @2:51sec) and the knees (@3:37 sec). Good reflection on the flight experience.

  3. Nice overview of the Cairo Airport.. the flight do look refurbished, I have travelled from few budget flights and the leg room is really bad especially as you said if the front person will recline it will be really bad..

  4. Omg that plane is definitely a throwback! And oldie but slightly a goodie lol. I thought the legroom on the newer planes was bad but this is pretty rough. For a 1.5 hour flight on that tight of a plane I’m sure my hip would hurt smh. Glad you made it to Egypt safe and sound!

  5. This is great info. I am going to have to refer back to this whenever I get to go. Quick flight time. Seems like it took longer to go through the airport stuff. Oh wow those are old school seats. I remember those buttons from a long while ago. Great to know these are all short flights. Short flight and the seat not to terrible, minus the fact that his legs are pressed up against the seat. I hope the person in front didn't recline.

  6. Oooh, great tip about the fast pass visas. I didn't even know that existed ;p Haha, welcome to Egypt Air…his face did not look very welcoming. The Cairo airport looked nice. Always love to see other airports. Hmm, do they charge extra for carry ons? I wonder if that's why they don't bring as many. What made the seats so uncomfortable?

  7. Didn't know US passport holders also need visas to Egypt, thanks for that information. I flew with them to Hong Kong from Lagos last year, I found the service staff to be pretty pleasant and probably one of the best customer services I'd experienced in a minute. I just didn't know that the flight would be dry…no alcoholic beverages in the Cairo airport too. And that was my longest flight ever! Please note that your flight within Egypt is not the same for the average African way of traveling, most of us carry a lot of luggage, so count your blessings there.

  8. The fact that you don’t know that the 737 MAX is grounded is odd coming from a channel claiming to “review flights”. Egyptair compared to many us carriers i’ve been on is quite good.

  9. Thanks for walking us through the process! Transfers from International flight to domestic ones are usually quite complicated looks like it went smoothly for you. We're in South East Asia atm and it's a bit of a cookie here, no legroom here either!

  10. Thank you guys for the great review of the airport and the flight. The seats look very cramped but luckily the flight time is short. What was the cost of the flight again?

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