#Egypt #travel Amazing Discovery made by robotic Camera Inside Pyramids


  1. To gain access to secret chamber they need a robot which can pass through this tiny hole and then drill the 2nd slab, which is nearly impossible. So till now 2 parts are enough for pyramid construction 🙂

  2. If we see history background, there we come to know, this parametaes had been made by Israelites, when they were in slavery under Egyptian. If we see how they came in slavery than we have see more earlier history Egypt. "Josheph" who was the Israelite, come in Egypt and become prime minister of Egypt than he lived there with his 11 brothers, after sometime when josheph and his brothers dies, numbers of his descendants were more than 6 lakhs. When Egypt government see this, they were treating Israelites as a slaves and as a slaves they were telling them to build parametaes towers

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