#Egypt #travel Amazing Bosnian Pyramid Details That Establish They are True Pyramids [Complete Video clip]

Discovery of bosnian pyramids is historic for many causes: This is the largest pyramid in the environment, The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sunlight is 220 meters significant (Good Pyramid in Egypt is 147 meters significant). Evidence of this excavation is the existence of a vast network of many kilometers of prehistoric tunnels existing in the area bordering the pyramid. The cement has been laboratory tested and been determined to be of artificial origin, not natural origin.

A researcher for the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sunlight Foundation, Nigel Grace argue,s that the Bosnian Valley of Pyramids signifies the greatest complicated of pyramidal structures in the environment, still only in recent several years have these historic structures been topic to really serious scientific investigation. Nigel shows proof revealing that these pyramids may be 25,000 several years aged – contacting for a rewriting of European historical past. Nigel also describes his individual encounters of therapeutic and awakening even though functioning in the tunnels and on the largest of the structures.

Recorded at Reality, Mysteries and New Frontiers [Glastonbury Symposium]


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