#Egypt #travel A Trip to Coptic Cairo – Religious Complex in Egypt – What to See in Egypt – History of Egypt

A Trip to Coptic Cairo – Religious Complex in Egypt – What to See in Egypt – History of Egypt

If you want to know what to see in Egypt on your next trip, we would highly recommend a trip to Coptic Cairo.
From the rich history of the origin of christianity in Egypt to the beautiful architecture of the churches and synagogues, there’s something from everyone.

Here are some great facts about the area and complex:

The Coptic Museum is located inside the ruins of the Roman Fort of Babylon
In Coptic Cairo, surrounded by many historical Churches.
It has the largest collection of Egyptian Christian artefacts in the world.
The foundation of the Coptic Museum goes back to the era of the Persians.
Later, lots of items were added by the Roman emperors August and Trajan.
French Egyptologist Maspero had a major role in establishing the museum,
By reviving the interest in Coptic art at the end of the 19th century,
As he spent a long time collecting Coptic monuments from all around Egypt.
The founder of the Museum in modern times is Marcus Simaika Pasha, who added it to the Egyptian Committee for Preserving Antiquities and Art.
The museum was officially opened to the public in 1901.
Now, it displays around 1600 items collected from different centuries and from various regions all around Egypt.
It shows a rich mixture of Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman-monuments thus linking ancient, Christian and Islamic Egypt, in an interesting fusion of cultures inside and outside the museum.

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