#Egypt #travel A Thorough Exploration Of The Great Sphinx Of Egypt In 2015

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  1. yes, the head surely was re-carved later…but dating the construction of the monument based on erosion of the rock..,it is a natural outcrop and was covered and shaped with blocks…who knows how and when started and how many times was altered? …similar monument altering an outcrop spire from a mountain down south at the border with kush empire…instead of building a sphinx, or a pyramid, they used the whole mountain…

  2. The "story" was that they were drilling to survey the rising water table, which is causing destruction to the Sphinx and Pyramids. That's still a current narrative.

    You can find the video on YouTube. Title = Drilling under the Sphinx (Featuring Dr Zahi Hawass and Dr Mark Lehner)

    There is also this video where they discuss the cavity in the rump, as well as the one in the back. No mention of the access under the boardwalk, nor the hatch which is up behind the dream stele.
    Title = Riddles of the Sphinx – Searching the Secret Shafts

    Beyond that, the square box behind the right front leg appears to be another vertical shaft when viewed from Google Earth. You can't see into it when on site due to the height of the brick work. There is a missing block on the back face, but when I was there, 3 guardians were swarming so the risk of them trying to confiscate my phone (or even me dropping it really) was too high.

  3. you are incorrect. under the 'boardwalk' are just old stone pavers. the timber is there so the pavers don't wear down. just look at the old drawings from 1600's and photos 100 years ago !

  4. they moved the stones for the pyramids by barge along to the site by digging channels or canals from the Nile. The Water flooded over the plateau and down into the Sphinx enclosure causing the erosion. Look at the area on google earth and you'll see the evidence of the spill water.
    They found a buried barge at the base of the pyramid, so you don't need to go back any further than the date the pyramids were built to explain the water.

  5. The entrance to the tunnels under the Sphinx is behind the dream stele, you have to step up on the right of the stele and you will see the original shaft entrance which has a locked covering, it was actually open when i sneaked a peak of it, the walk way is just to stop further erosion of the roof of the first chamber.

  6. Didn't the Nile used to be around here somewhere? The Sphinx enclosure used to flood in the wet season which brought fertile mud to the crop lands. It would fill with water and the people would celebrate. I'd love it if the Sphinx was 30,000 years old, but seasonal or tidal flooding of the enclosure would account for the rapid erosion. I think the head probably was re-carved at some or multiple points in history, but the lack of erosion would be explained by regular flooding from the Nile causing more erosion around the enclosure walls and the body of the Sphinx.

  7. 30 thousand years at least. That seems a lot more realistic. Listen to the Emerald tablets, where Thoth talks about the lion with the head of a man, the Halls of Amenti, and his buried space ship. No joke.

  8. Brien, you’ve heard of the story of Enoch asking his son son to store the 300 books which Enoch’s authored, so they would be protected for future humans ( us), haven’t you? Those books were likely stored in the capstone of the great pyramid. Enoch knew the flood was combing, where else would be safe? It was probably the capstone. Post deluge, after the flood, that capstone appears in artists drawings of Turkey, decorating the chariot race track, along with other monoliths and trinkets taken from around the world back then. Does the term: capstone cabal have new meaning considering this? It says everything to me.

  9. 7:05 Send a little drone down there…. use software which prevents the drone from hitting the walls/sides… use a signal booster…. have the drone carry and drop small signal repeaters as it goes deeper….. livestream the footage. —Yep, I'd pay to see that!

  10. By the time they allow us to go inside the sphinx they would have already picked it clean of any evidence of who we once were, and everything inside will be labeled "burial chambers" and "tombs".

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