#Egypt #travel 8000 Year Old Ancient Egypt Texts Get Very Strange…Could This Be True?

The overwhelming majority of Egyptologists agree on most things, but this topic is something that has caused heated debate for 100’s of years. Long ago the Egyptians believed things that us modern folk can only dream of. Could they be true., might they have been more advanced than we thought?



  1. Detailed, well produced, and honestly much better then I expected from another channel dipping toes into mythology. Subscribed, thanks for sharing your work, looking forward to digging through your catalog!

  2. It's also amazing how the Bible also said that the spirit of God hovered above the water when the earth was from formless. Out of chaos came order (creation).

  3. our timeline is not correct iron pipes found in a cave in china are dated back at least 10,000 years old, why is our history being hidden, what happened ? what are they hiding? makes one wonder what are they afraid of? do your own research

  4. What is it the Pharaohs hold in their hands as they mostly are sitting down on a thrown presumably. They hold the "staffs" in an X shape close to their body. Also I've noticed Roman emperors and Celtic nobility, UK, France, and Germany mostly do this same practice with "staffs" of some sort as well. I feel like I'm missing a puzzle piece here..

  5. Evidence has shown that all of the hieroglyphs are related to certain eras, but the most impressive, massive and inexplicable artifacts in Egypt were inherited and were free of any writing and basically covered in hieroglyph graffiti over time. None of these hieroglyphs explain anything about how the most impressive structures were created.

  6. It's amazing how many cultures talk about emerging out of the water, there's a symbolic aspect to that, but there's also the literal flood stories and myths from all over the world

  7. This is great but don't forget about the wands of Horus which are made from copper and zinc cylinders filled with quartz when held produce up to 1.5 volts.  Make them yourself or get them on amazon or etsy called "cylinders of the pharaoh"

  8. This visual is outstanding, it has lasted for millennium I know I would never have seen this and the explanation of Egyptian history, it reads like a syfy movie , simply amazing, thankyou

  9. The Egyptians were fascinated. by the. Nephillam. Which still lived. After the flood they thrived in India. Ethiopia and upper Mesopotamian of Syria. Yes many cultures. Had several gods they served. !!!!!

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