#Egypt #travel 5000 12 months Aged Historic Egypt Techniques That Will Take You Into A different Dimension

In depth, chopping edge forbidden understanding. The premise of the historic Egyptians, as identified in the Pyramids Texts, was that people could renovate into beings of light-weight and scale a stairway to heaven.

In this richly illustrated presentation William explores the astounding legacy of historic Egypt, its amazing temples and the light-weight human body teachings they have. Primarily based on his seventeen tours to Egypt, William will take you on a slide display tour of the historic strategies of the Egyptians and exhibit how they encoded innovative scientific concepts we are only just now exploring. Bundled will be an updated model of his acclaimed discovery of the historic Egyptian Arks of the Millions of Several years and their relationship to wormhole physics.


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As pointed out a short while ago on Coast to Coast with George Noory, sign up for Mohamed Ibrahim and Jonny Enoch for the Ancient Mysteries Tour of Egypt (www.ancientmysterytours.com). Master about the origins of the Rosicrucians and Freemasons, the Hiram Important, the techniques of ON/Heliopolis, and Edgar Cayce’s predictions about the Sphinx. We will […]


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