This is a 1940’s period, black and white movie. It is offered by – Dudley Shots Company, called This Entire world of Ours. It is about Egypt. Photographed by Edwin E. Olsen, Edited by William Faris and Created by Carl Dudley. The movie opens with a TWA airplane flying in excess of Egypt. A camel caravan is proven at 00:4. Egyptian males bowing to Mecca, 00:49. Center of Cairo, one:15. Shepheard’s Lodge, Cairo, one:25. Waiter’s serving attendees in Shepheard’s Lodge, one:33. Egyptian Minarets, one:forty. Heliopolis, one:52. Unique Egyptian mosques with substantial minarets, 2:00. The bazaar district of Cairo, 2:twelve. Egyptian Artisans do the job on their wares, 2:twenty. Egyptian Male smokes on a water pipe – a hookah, 2:49. The Suez Canal, 2:fifty three. Trains traverse the Egyptian countryside, 3:23. Karnak and the Temple of Karnak, the Avenue of the Sphinxes, 3:35. Amon, God of Light-weight, 3:39. Sculptures that are 80 to ninety ft significant at Karnak, 4:08. Inscribed scenes into the temples of the historic pharaohs, 4:19. Translated hieroglyphics, 4:24. Together the Nile financial institutions, the temple of Luxor, 4:36. The temple of Luxor, five:eleven. The Valley of the Kings, five:27. Archeologist Lord Carnarvon, five:36. The tomb of King Tut, five:forty four. Standard villagers in Egypt, five:fifty seven. The Nile River, six:19. The Aswan Dam, six:thirty. Irrigation in Egypt, six:forty. Alexandria, summer time cash of Egypt, six:fifty. Alexandria Resorts, seven:19. Egyptian monuments, seven:28. Alexandria’s harbor, seven:39. Alexandria’s white vacation resort shorelines, seven:fifty three. The Great Pyramid of Cheops and the mighty Sphinx, eight:25. Shiny alabaster covering of the pyramids, eight:forty three. Noble tombs of the excellent pyramids, 9:twelve. Hieroglyphics on the tombs, 9:25. Investigation of the angles of the Great Pyramids, 10:00. Male climbs pyramids for visitors, 10:seventeen. Egyptian cattle and desert trees, eleven:forty one.

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This movie is element of the Periscope Movie LLC archive, 1 of the biggest historic navy, transportation, and aviation stock footage collections in the Usa. Entirely movie backed, this material is obtainable for licensing in 24p High definition, 2k and 4k. For far more data check out


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