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This film, part of the Kodak Cinegraph series, dates to the late 1920s. At the time Kodak was actively releasing short films under the name Cinegraph and longer length films under the name Kodascope, and ran a rental library from offices on West 42nd Street in New York City as well as from 35 foreign cities. As it states at the head of the film, there were “New Releases Each Month” in the Cinegraph series. This black and white silent film takes us through some of Cairo’s most famous tourist sites. The film is of general high quality showing excellent detail of some of Cairo’s most beautiful mosques and scenery. Cairo. The film opens with a view of an ancient mosque with Mamluk minarets in Cairo. The architecture is Islamic. It is the Citadel and Alabaster Mosque, also known as the Mosque of Mohammed Ali at the Citadel 0:34. This mosque is sometimes referred to as the Alabaster Mosque due to its extensive use of that stone on some of the exterior walls and other surfaces. Sometimes it is popularly known as al-qal’a, meaning citadel, and thus confused with the fortress in which it is located. Two people walk within the courtyard of the Mosque 0:43. Muski Bazaar 0:49. Also known as the Sharia al-Muski Bazaar; the term bazaar originates from the Persian word bāzār. The term bazaar is sometimes also used to refer to the “network of merchants, bankers and craftsmen” who work in that area. Although the word “bazaar” is of Persian origin, its use has spread and now has been accepted into the vernacular in countries around the world. Horse and carriage sit by the entrance to the bazaar 1:04. Craftsmen work their trade outside of the bazaar 1:15. A man uses a handsaw to cut pipe 1:23. A man furiously polishes a metal pipe by hand 1:35. Children also use rudimentary tools in the bazaar 1:41. Men sit at wooden desks in front of their ancient metal wares 1:50. Men use small hammers to make intricate carvings in decorative metal plates 2:03. Two camels stand guard outside the bazaar and in front of the Mosque of Mohammed Ali at the Citadel 2:10. The ancient dome of Qaytbay is viewed from under the portico 2:20. The funerary complex of Sultan al-Ashraf Qaytbay is an architectural complex built by Sultan al-Ashraf Qaytbay in Cairo’s Northern Cemetery, completed in 1474. It is often considered one of the most beautiful and accomplished monuments of late Egyptian Mamluk architecture and is pictured on the Egyptian one-pound note. Downtown Cairo, 2:33. A Kodak store is seen in downtown Cairo 2:42. A man on the street plays the 3-cup magic trick 2:49. The National Museum 3:00. The front entrance of the national Museum of Cairo 3:05. Lions guard the entrance to the Qasr El Nil Bridge which is also routinely called Kasr El Nil Bridge, and it essentially connects Cairo’s famous Tahrir Square with the Cairo Opera House complex on Gezira Island over the Nile river 3:15. Boats navigate the Nile River 3:22. One of the many beautiful minarets near the Nile River 3:46.

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This film is part of the Periscope Film LLC archive, one of the largest historic military, transportation, and aviation stock footage collections in the USA. Entirely film backed, this material is available for licensing in 24p HD, 2k and 4k. For more information visit


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