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Hello, we are Stephen & Jess, Australian vloggers documenting our 1st calendar year of leaving house and travelling all around the world. We want to inspire other folks to enterprise out, discover, get challenges and go on our own experience!!

We also operate a journey, tech and lifestyle weblog over at www.flyingthenest.tv set if you want to see personal recounts, images, suggestions & wanderlust inspiration from Flying the Nest.

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  1. You've done such a good job of giving us the sights as well as telling us how it makes you feel. I loved living in Egypt as a child, but I think that my traveling days are over, so I'd just like to thank you for sharing your experience! By the way, I wonder if the scent of Egypt has changed. How did it smell to you? Scent is a memory trigger.

  2. It’s always nice seeing people having a good time in your country! I have been in Egypt now for a couple weeks and it’s so cool knowing that you guys are here too. Have nice trip!!

  3. PLEASE PLEASE GO TO SINAI! blue hole, dahab, ras mohamed, abu galoum, st. catherine, taba, el gouna, hurghada, el mahmeya, wadi weshwashi, marsa allam, wadi el hitan etc.

  4. Do you find the different foods you eat while traveling hard on your tummy?? I don't think my stomach would adjust well to all the new foods you guys try. Love your videos!!

  5. My thoughts on a statement said here, at around 8:50 about the Christians defacing the faces of old gods. This is not a true statement. early Egyptian Christians "Coptic Christians" did not disown their heritage and culture but rather embraced them, evident by adopting many of the hymns and music of their ancestors, changed the words/ lyrics with Christian ones and still use them in worship until today. As far as temples, they would carve the sign of the cross and put some Christian symbols and build Christian altar and then use the space as a church; some examples of this have survived until today. For some reason in the recent years, it's becoming more popular to hear people in tourism use this incorrect explanation. The truth is many of the non-Egyptians Muslim rulers that controlled Egypt for centuries have used old temples for source materials to build castles and other structures and have caused significant damage to many historic sites, temples and monuments. It's very hard to believe that native Egyptians, regardless of their religion would deface or damage a part of their history

  6. Flying the nest,, guys i like your channel but i think that your catchy title is not good coz as you know people may think that its something very bad as from the media happened to you and not just the sand storm . i know its not my business but its an idea just came to y mind and i wanna share it with you , i loved your adventure and me as an Egyptian i never slept on a falooka before it was so nice the watch your journey . keep it up guys i love you> from Egypt with love

  7. Loved your videos! Glad that you enjoyed your trip in Egypt. You seems like a very nice couple by the way.. I pretty much enjoy flying out too.. Much love

  8. I have said this before but I have to say it again – you two are both such great ambassadors for us Australians. So respectful and genuinely interested in learning about other people's culture. When I go overseas I always try to be as open and interested as I can be – that way locals will really welcome you and you can experience things most boring tourists who stay in 5 star hotels never would be able to. I've seen so many tourists behaving badly, like Danish teenagers jumping all over the Holocaust memorial in Berlin, Americans in Amsterdam getting so stoned they jump into canals to have swimming races or trying to light a cigarette using the eternal flame, Chinese tourists taking all the food at a buffet back to their table, etc. So it's so nice to see two polite, happy, enthusiastic young Aussies trying exotic foods and having a great vacation! Keep up the good work guys! 🙂

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