#Egypt #journey Unresolved tricks of the pyramids


  1. Humanity has went through bottleneck eras. It's safe to assume that there was plenty of lost knowledge n that in many areas we were farther advanced then we are even now.

  2. I never understand why so few ever think that maybe in some of the cases many ancient giant animals where used for transportation n work….. A few logs n an elephant go a long way. A bunch of logs n some wholly mammoths would probly go even further.

  3. When you think so hard and the answer's are in front of you all this time. Egyptians use a long line string to measure in a straight line even the tunnels inside the pyramids are measured by a long strings by Egyptians.

  4. 20 years hahaha how dumb are Egyptian now compare to their ancient ancestor it's just embarrassing and our modern religion ( Islam and christianity ) killed and unslave that society that lasted 35k years or more.

  5. Great video! Have you ever tried the "cylinders of the pharaoh"? It's yet another example of ancient Egyptian electrical technology made from copper and zinc cylinders filled with quartz crystal when held produce up to 1.5 volts. These can be purchased on Amazon for only 29.99

  6. Been working on many construction sites in the last 20 years. With unlimited money and human resources it's impossible to build just one pyramid in less than 20 years. Any experience construction project manager can easily estimate and calculate the time needed to place precisely 2500 000 blocks of stone. Building with concrete, steel, timber and glass is extremely easy in comparison to stone pyramids. Therefore Egyptians didn't build even half of the ancient structures in Egypt.

  7. Many of the occult (e.g. freemasons, Knights Templare, OTO, etc) worship the Pyramid symbol. Why? Clearly after watching this there is something to the pyramids and various Egyptian symbols are important to them. I also found it interesting that there was an obelisk still left in the ground. Russia, Vatican and United States all of have huge tributes to obelisk monuments. Why THAT particular symbol or image out of the millions of possibilities? Why the tribute to the pyramid on back of the one dollar bill? We clearly have more questions than answers…

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