#Egypt #journey The Pyramids Of Egypt: Every thing You Didn&#39t Know | TRACKS

Professor Joann Fletcher goes in look for of the developing blocks of Egyptian civilisation and finds out what produced historical Egypt the unbelievable civilisation that it was.

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From Immortal Egypt: The Street To The Pyramids

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  1. 14:24 Surprisingly – The ship of the desert – The camel was not on their list. Can we call that Irony ? The Animal that really should have deserved to have the sun on top of his/her head !? In summary and in one word … Destiny … This is how 1 word could make a really Big Bang into the minds & hearts of people.

  2. She calls herself an Egyptologist and yet she is clueless. She calls the Great Pyramid Khufu's tomb. That is laughable. The Pyramids are NOT tombs. She has no idea what she is talking about. And just spews forth the nonsense that these so called know it all's put forth.

  3. You have no idea of the age of the pyramids and who built it. Your theories are inconsistent with the data so stop pretending you know what you don't. Humanity will be better serve by the truth and by honest peoples. It is espacially true since it stand as a testimony of the cosmic forces wich destroyed the last high human civilisation who built them.

    This will happen again if we don't stop stupidly spending money and effort on horrendous and stupid wars. We live in a universe with immense cosmic forces. This isn't just in our text books and computers. This is the cosmos in wich we live. Lying about our history will leave too many people in ignorance to wake us up and take the needed actions.

  4. Not showing the other side of the Narmer ….. that’s just not right… the story continues on the other side. 🙂 thank you for the video. Well presented. Thanks, Stan

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