#Egypt #journey The Mysteries of the Excellent Pyramid of Giza

​The Excellent Pyramid of Giza in Egypt is the only 1 of the seven miracles of the ancient world to endure to the existing working day, and it stays a marvel of design and execution. Despite this, nonetheless, we know really tiny about its origins, or the reason of its a lot of peculiar characteristics. Egyptologists frequently concur that it was constructed as a Pharaoh’s tomb, but experts from a variety of distinct disciplines have revealed it to be vastly a lot more sophisticated than other pyramids, and really distinct from other tombs, suggesting that it may perhaps have experienced some other operate completely.

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  1. I think that the great pyramid was a big tomb, and that the King's Chamber and Queen's chamber are just fake burial chambers placed there to confuse the grave robbers.
    We must remember that the Egyptians were painfully aware of the existance of graverobbers.
    To me it seems that the Geat Pyramid was designed precisely to avoid that the grave was robbed.
    The King, their God, should be allowed to rest in peace.

    So they hid him well.
    He has no yet been found.
    No one has yet looked in the right place.

  2. Thank you for this video. I've been thinking if megalithic marvels are in your interest and if TA would somehow cover the subject. The great pyramid (and several other megalithic structures) is a fascinating subject, although I still have no clue what to think about it. Seems like every bit of information is just scratching the surface. Nonetheless the pyramids are just enigmatic and yet way more solid and tangible than most other anomalies discussed in this channel.

  3. Love the video as always! But one thing bothers me, you stated that the pyramids are 4500 years old which is obvious bullshit and you can't spread this misinformation if you want to be credible, they are way more older, you should already know it.

  4. This was very well done. I've seen hundreds of videos about the great pyramid and know plenty about it, but you did a great job explaining everything, as well as the possible theories about what it could have been and actually showing where the lesser known secret chambers and passages are, which is something most videos don't do. Most presenters assume that people know everything there is to know and only focus on one area or pollute their videos with unfocused facts or speculation. Man, you need to produce more content. I know I've said that to you before, but your videos are so good. I hope to see more work from you.

  5. Mainstream archeologists have completely lost their credibility due to their continuing attempts to ignore obvious facts in many parts of human history. It’s sad because they acted out of ego and not what was good and true in history. It’s self serving and ruined any trust people had for academia. Simply said they really fucked up.

  6. Had to watch this one twice before I commented… Your content is always fascinating and provokes thought so I feel the need to watch, think, watch again, then react. My immediate reaction to this was that this one is pretty tame as far as the completely paradigm shattering concepts that you have previously proposed to us go, although I will admit I had never heard that pyramid engine theory before. Interesting stuff. I always appreciate the great work you do. Please never stop doing these.

  7. Fascinating, as always. My old science teacher, Mr Sugden, from high school was adamant that those pyramids were some kind of power plant. Ancient Egypt was his forte. Thanks for yet another excellent video. 🙂

  8. MUCH older than 4500 years. It's essentially a nuclear reactor and crystal (granite) harmonic frequency transmitter/receiver.
    The inner measurements of the box in the Kings chamber suggests that it was a receptacle for the Ark of the Covenant. A new book by Walter Bosley indicates that none other than Napoleon Bonaparte was able to tap in to the 'records' by means of his shared DNA with it's architects (bio-metric key) when he spent an evening in the Kings chamber. Doctor Joseph P. Farrell has written extensively on this subject – Gizadeathstar.com
    A similar, much older (millions of years) but probably naturally occurring nuclear reactor named the Oklo reactor was discovered in 1972.

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