#Egypt #journey The Luxor Temple Discoveries That Exhibit Every thing You Know About Ancient Egypt is Wrong

You wont come across this in the background books. R.A.Schwaller de Lubicz began a fifteen year, on-web page research of the terrific temple complex of Luxor. Assisted by a really properly trained workforce of surveyors and architectural draftsman, he specifically measured, analyzed and recorded each individual stone, column, passageway, chamber, inscription and statue in the temple complex. His findings, revealed in the Temple of Male, contact for a whole reexamination and reinterpretation of the complete system of Egyptological idea. Nevertheless, by and big, the seminal function performed by Schwaller de Lubicz has been ignored.

To recognize the importance, in truth the radical nature, of what he has performed it is essential to realize two issues. First, that the at present common ‘scientific’ notions about the origin, timing, buy and locality of the progress of the earliest civilization are tiny more than theories – tentative assumptions specified the overall look of authority by the elitist posturing of the tutorial community – primarily based upon significantly less than two hundred years of piecemeal archaeological research. And 2nd, that these two hundred years of research were profoundly influenced by the arrogant belief of the European Age of Enlightenment that fashionable civilization represents a terrific advance, in particular philosophically and mathematically, more than historical civilizations.


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