#Egypt #journey The Great Pyramid&#39s newest secret – 360 Movie

Utilizing cutting-edge technological innovation, researchers have detected a earlier undiscovered void inside of Egypt’s Great Pyramid. It’s just the latest of lots of mysteries held within the pyramid’s partitions. Go inside of the previous surviving surprise of the historic earth and see for oneself.



  1. The pyramids were never tombs for pharoahs you moron. The dynastic egyptians didnt have the tools to build them. They are at least 10,000 years old. The egyptians inherited them and Hawass and his cronies want us to believe his version of history. Can you imagine Freddie Flintstone and a few thousand workers with copper chisels creating the pyramids?

  2. The great pyramid was a water to vacuum powered machine.

    The water entering the base through the descending passage at high speed created a vacuum in the well shaft.

    The water went out of the pyramid through a shaft at 45* back to the Nile

    The well shaft led directly to the upper chambers.

    The chambers were vacuum chambers.

    The chamber shafts were polished stone with polished stone pistons, that vented to the atmosphere at the top.

    The top of the shafts where rope could have been attached to the pistons to make 2 cranes on opposite sides with a mobile wooden/stone structure.

    The 4 chamber shafts look to be from the drawings all twice the length of the grand gallery, providing multiplication of power.

    The "sarcophagus" was itself a a sliding valve or a piston for a rectangular bore. It was hollowed out to make it lighter. It broke at some point, never had a lid. It was pushed into the room to be inspected and left there once determined unfixable. The workmen left either through the works in the wall, or pushed the last stone out and then back Inside the wall next to it is where it fit and operated. It was never a sarcophagus.

    That is why there is a lip for that last stone, so it didn't get pulled into the chamber under vacuum.

  3. There never was a body found in the King's Chamber. Kaliph Al Mamoun entered the chamber in the 9th century and found no body, no lid and no inscriptions. The Great pyramid was explored many times since then. Several books were written about it in the 1700s to the present time.

  4. Black people built this tombs.
    Why do you think all record of their construction has been eliminated.
    Smoke another one if you think it's because of aliens.

  5. It's grand gallery not great gallery. And tombs you'll find them in the valley of the kings, adorned with riches and art, the great pyramid is anonymous, no writings and was completely empty

  6. Sarcophagus ??? LMFAO. Man when will this end . Never been one body found in the great pyramids. Doesn’t even bear any similarities of an ancient tomb. Godamn brainwashing.Please use this app you are currently on and look up what the pyramids really are please people

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