#Egypt #journey The Emerald Tablets and the Excellent Pyramid of Egypt | Historic Architects

Like the Shed Hall of Documents, The Emerald Tablets of Thoth are just one of the good enigmas of Historic Egypt. Scholars consider them to be a legend about the gods revealing mysteries involving the historical societies that survived the Excellent Flood. They are stated to be cryptic, containing the insider secrets of alchemy and the philosopher’s stone, and they are the basis of the Airtight custom.

The tablets were translated into Arabic between the sixth and 9th centuries, then to Latin close to 1200 Advertisement and then into the European languages and what quite a few will not know is that they point out The Excellent Pyramid of Egypt, which they assert was establish by the God of Knowledge, Thoth, in Pre-Flood times. Observe the movie to study extra and how the Emerald Tablets relate to the Pyramids of Egypt.

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  1. Concerning the Emerald Tablets. The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Like a great many mysteries in this world, just because we do not possess the objects or knowledge does NOT mean they do not exist. The smarter I get the less I know…

  2. Another brilliant video. This topic is one that is above all others to me.

    Thoth the Atlantean priest-king and the mysteries of how civilization may have been re-started from scratch after the great fall of Atlantis.

    The clues left behind for us to find and the challenges in unlocking the truth about our origins, purpose and future…..

  3. I have no idea what exactly the pyramids were build for, but I do know one thing – they were build for more than one purpose.

    There’s no way you go thru all that trouble just to build a tomb, a water pump, a power plant, an observatory, an initiatory chamber/temple, etc. etc.

    It had to be used for many reasons, and possibly additions for other uses were added along the way

  4. Another great video, can't wait for more.

    I've recently started looking into the tablets, nice to get your views on the subject. Some good videos on them are by Mathew LaCroix and interviews with him, they are long and goes into a lot of detail.

  5. Personally, after reading the book, I have concluded that Michael Doreal is no different than L. Ron Hubbard.
    He was trying to establish a cult, much like many mystics of the early 1900's were trying to do.
    I tried to find as much information about the "Great White Lodge" and there is nothing before Doreal came onto the scene.
    Yes, there are mentions of things that seem very advanced for an ancient civilization to know, however, correlating the information written with the dates the information was published in academia or scientific literature, these "great mysteries" were documented within the years just prior to publication.
    As much as I want to believe the tablets exist, the facts state otherwise. And I am not going to put all of my cards on the table for One Man's account of events.
    We do not have the writings mentioned to corroborate Doreal's testimonies.
    So, until otherwise, he made it up.

  6. its a lot more plausible the pyramid was built by thoth for the simple reason their is actually a recorded artifact about it..unlike khufu where their is none what so ever.

  7. I'm so happy you touched on this. Thothfully, I wrote the tablets. Haha. Now we are truly descending into Amenti and its mysteries. Do not fear the beasties, they cannot actually harm you, only delay and confuse your progress. My comment is this: only one entity presumes itself "Lord". Adonai has always and will always presume himself a true god. The Power of One (One God) flows from the God of Creation (God who created). But the false god has attempted to steal the powers of godness. This blind god even now maintains worship as the true god and could be understood to be worshipped by the majority of living humans. How can the two be differentiated? False god demands worship because it is not due him. False god is jealous because he knows he is an imposter. False god has a name. The Atlantians worshipped him as Baal. The Egyptians call him Lord. The Abrahamic religions copy that rhetoric exactly. The true God is never referred to as Lord.

  8. The Great Pyramid, is in fact, the bible in stone, and God's creation by measures. of all passages chambers, and lengths and heights and widths. . and the key for him to use to identify himself to us via proof by coincidences, of eveyday of his life and all his children and his location, and the clue how to find Christ today, Love and restoration for all whom seek, The Comforter, for He has come. and his new name is Yahweh Jesus Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall, all aboard the restoration , destination, stopping all stations. 36,000 years old, Earth is. as nibiru passes every 3600 years and this is the tenth time of, the sytem passing or crossing our path. This is the real reason they have no explination for the great pyramid, because they must forbid him, as is their 14th protocol. as they will lose control of all, once everyone of us, that is mean't to, wakes up. As he is the rightful heir to the Throne, of England, and all of. today. The queen has been served twice , to restore the throne, back to Yahweh, as they are only temporary custodians, of everything til his arrival , in these times. I love how this deception is in works, to GOD's trap. as he created the chess board, CHECK MATE. .. LOVE AND RESPECT TO EVERYONE. (^^)/

  9. The library of Alexandria was evacuated to Rome (the Vatican) before it the place itself was burned down. So all that information still exist. It was seen in the Vatican by someone that let the information out. Maybe it needs to be taken over and all the information released to the world

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