#Egypt #journey Science Confirms Good Pyramid Mystery Major Entrance | Historical Architects

Back at the finish of 2017, not very long soon after I started the Historical Architects channel, the Good Pyramid hit the headlines with news that there was a large void within the framework above the Grand Gallery.

This big void grew to become the focus of media notice with all sorts of thoughts about what it contained. But although it is exciting to speculate, the fact is that no person is aware.

But the topic of this video clip is the next void identified by the ScanPyramids Study Workforce again in 2016, due to the fact this just one is very easy to check out and is arguably the most essential, nonetheless due to the fact it is scaled-down, it looks to have been overlooked about now. In fact it was seldom talked about given that its discovery, nonetheless its importance is massive.

I believe that this not only is the vital to unlocking the hidden chambers of the Good Pyramid but it is also the real, original major entrance into the pyramid, and additionally, it is also relatively easy to access. If explored, it would re-produce the record of the last remaining ancient speculate of the globe.

Observe the video clip to master extra about the secret major entrance of the Good Pyramid of Egypt.

All visuals are taken from Google Photos, ScanPyramids project and Jean Pierre Houdin for educational uses only.

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  1. Edgar Cayce predicted / prophesied that something remarkable would be found in Egypt under the paw of the sphinx. I think there are many discoveries waiting.

    I wish I had taken note of the video I recently watched where, when removing a large stone in the floor (to repair the stone), it was found beneath what appears to be a whole other set of pillars underneath, like another level perhaps.
    I think it was the Temple of Hathor. It's all very mysterious and profound.

    I hope one day we will find the purpose and meaning of the pyramids & hidden knowledge in underground chambers etc

  2. BORE A HOLE IT'S SO EASY!! Once again Ancient Architects giving incredibly BAD advice. This has happened in other tombs from the same dynasty where changes in temperature and humidity cause the destruction of the beautiful plaster work. IS THAT WHAT HAPPENED IN KHUFU'S PYRAMID?
    There's another point nearly everyone gets WRONG about Egyptology and Archeology. Their main job is PROTECTION and PRESERVATION . Archeology is a DESTRUCTIVE SCIENCE and requires careful work and planning. Drill holes and digging ditches only shows Indiana Jones – looters level thinking.
    Also, the Gravimetric survey was NOT done by Jean Pierre Houdin. That was done long ago (back in the early 1980's if my memory serves me correctly). That was decades before Houdin got involved with the pyramids. A childish level Google search would have told AA that – poor fact checking on AA part again.

  3. the people that build the pyramids are long gone… why do these people think they own this pyramid? so much to learn if we can get trustworthy people inside that won’t take anything out of it except for knowledge

  4. Iam.sorry for stating the obvious…but hasn't anyone in the past thought " that looks like a door" I mean c'mon look at it…its a door why did we need to detect a space..when there's clearly a entrance shape on one side of a massive pyramid…..but fair play on the tech that went into it

  5. Built by the fallen angels and their demi-god sons way before the Egyptians existed. Their civilization was highly advanced. And these pyramids likely generated wireless electricity for miles and miles away. Just like Tesla did on the mountains of Colorado

  6. That sabo stone looks like a gear. Could it be part of a mechanism to open the door? The whole thing looks melted to me apart from the chevrons and surrounding stones, but maybe that’s because I can only see it through a screen. I agree drilling a small hole for a camera would be the least intrusive and quickest method to get some answers.

  7. My opinion, ancient power plants harnessing electric conductivity, directing the energy up to ionosphere distributing free energy across the globe.

  8. Thx fir the video its really great and wonderful and i love you

    But stop talking like that

    Its really bad you talk really weird its great material

    But it sounds lame

  9. It's first time I'm on your channel but I've really enjoyed this video…I like videos like this, I was really in to history in high school I wish that the pyramids were an ancient electric factory or something like that, I think that it would be awesome … sometimes you sound like bot but… I have found somethink I'm gonna watch… I mean your channel xD

  10. By now that this has not been done is ridiculous. The worlds curiousity of our past will have to win out. Some one do the right thing and allow these people to do the work needed to find out more of the history that awaits us all. History is what it is and the Truth is what it will be. Except it, live with it. Could be nothing they find or who knows, maybe the bones of a giant? Jewels? Machinery? Engravings? Artifacts that were stolen? Waldo? Some one go there with a live wire cam and risk it… lol…. well kinda almost serious!

  11. The archway blocks are unnecessary?? Do you seriously think they understood that 5,000 years ago?? They over engineered the burial chamber also, putting in voids above it to distribute the weight. This almost certainly explains the void above the great gallery also. Maybe you should consider presenting all of the ideas instead of just the most conspiratorial ones.

    And for the conspiracy nuts who believe they are hiding some secrets about the GP I'd have to point out the, seemingly obvious, fact that permission was required to acquire all of the info that these conspiracies are based on. So if they were trying to hide something why on Earth would they allow people to scan the GP to begin with?? This litterally flies in the face of common sense… Just like most conspiracy theories…

  12. You are spot on! Egyptians have decided that as elites who control the world knowledge and current archaeological evidence don’t want history to be rewritten with truth. Disclosure is around the corner and they will be crushed! It is time we learn our true history and stop the lies.

  13. when the flood came the pyramid used the water surrounding it to create oxygen and electricity and drinking water using resonance to the millions of people living below.

  14. And they’re just gonna leave it unopened forever or look into it in secret and hide all info from the public rathet than sharing and moving our society forward. It reminds me when I was 8 years old and kids hid their website in the computer class so they were the only one who coule play the games they were playing.

  15. wouldnt it be so much better for the egyptian economy if they announced that the pyramids are indeed 12,000+ years old? and that they found alien technology? i personally think it would be as it would pull in more than your average history lover.

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