#Egypt #journey ROOF Top rated FEAST BY THE NILE | LUXOR, EGYPT

E.S. enjoys lunch by the Nile.

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  1. Those food seems delicious judging by the looks on your face.
    Have y'all noticed, are there no Egyptians in the comment section… If you are, pls show her some support by dropping a comment below.

  2. I am new to your channel, and l love you already. I sent you an email yesterday to get information about seeds and you responded within minutes and that really shocked me, you are real and I think you will succeed in Ghana. I am glad you chose Ghana, hope to meet you someday.

  3. ES, you sparked my interest in trying Egyptian food.
    Lots of exercise required to burn those calories.
    Any chance of sharing the sound track details please?
    Egypt looks appealing.
    Stay well, thank you.

  4. Not often do Youtube Channels show the "backdoor" to Egypt. Usually it's the museum's and architecture. Looks like your being treated like a queen! Everyone seems so friendly and accommodating.

  5. Hello Es i sail on the nile river while the sunset on the water its beautiful. The sun Re stays in the skys a long time. Sunrise to sunset you see a giant orange disk Re the neteru. Re makes the oil comes out of your beautiful honey brown copper caramel skin tone. Its makes you looks like honey wine.

  6. Wow wonderful food on the Nile. New subscriber here, first time commenting. You’re doing everything I want to, definitely on my agenda but, first Ghana and I would love to have a Ancestral Divination on the African continent. Watch your channel every day and will definitely share. Thank you for sharing with us the experience which, has been enlightening, thank you.

  7. I’m sad you have been very much missed informed, your last conversation with wada maya! You need to understand that many northerners or even the south have a political affiliations! Someone may tell you story which is not true! We are never interested in tourist with our brethren! We love you however you should understand that we just had our own independent from the same people who took you from Slavery! We struggle just like you and even we keep on hugely struggling! Ghana had independence in 1957! 60 years plus! And we just had a fourth republic fourth government! We genuinely need you to come home! However if you think we want you Here because to make us better then stay home! However this is also your land! Your people, we need you to take advantage of the land which also belong to you! Enrich your self and bring your smartness and greatness to make your home great! The white have taken advantage of both us here and diaspora! Making sure we don’t come together! Be smart enough to know we are one and we need each other! NOT for tourist purposes! But for you to be part of the government here! Make decisions! It’s times you begin to make a move that yes indeed Ghana, Africa belong to you too! And you can help build it! We were never in a position to have thought to bring you home earlier! Ghana, or west Africa best and first academia was Busia! He did not even get education longer! Because we were being ruled by the same people ruling you, killing us, taken away our wealth! Both you and our recourses! Don’t go to the north and listen to those NDC affiliates to think we are just needed you now to bust our economy for selfish interest! Read about Ghana constitution! Our struggle! Yaa Asantewaah even before we begin our independence struggle! Read Ghana history! Not just north history! I know you love the north! But come to think of it! Maybe what you listen there is not all the story

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