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  1. Old, but still – this was dogma, if you are interested in pyramidal structures.
    Basically – use it as a historic document and find the flaws..
    The current standard is not about the shape of things, but their functions and the totality of the forces that produces large construction projects. Don't project the current onto the past. It's easier than it was, to get a good platform for a fully hermeneutical approach..
    Good to know you can still solve a few riddles without any help of aliens or a timeline of mad proportions.
    Just keep looking… humanity is still amazing

  2. Hahaha this video is so incredibly outdated following the ridiculous false narratives of quakademia. If you want to learn truth about the pyramids with hard evidence, visit Brien Foerster's channel or newearth channel. These things weren't built by dynastic Egyptians with primitive tools or anything else this video says. Seek the truth in this matter. It's much more interesting than the mainstream lies and misinformation presented here.

  3. Poured NOT Pulled
    Largely – Built Top Down

    Can anyone obtain copies of more recent or older documentaries, with "greater scientific probabilities" and now known facts (I.e. the Poured Stones) – Poured, not Pulled

    Only the Granite and Limestone was hauled.

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