#Egypt #journey Proof Of Historical Cataclysm At The Bent And Purple Pyramids Of Egypt


  1. The human race was enslaved to build all over the world by a group of advanced aliens but the loss of control and terrestrial events they had to resort to control from the shadows and still do.

  2. Looks like the giant statue laying down was mostly buried then burnt. The damage is too granular to not have nuked other spots that were exposed, seems like much of the statue was protected from the event. Or what about a chemical used to deface the statue? Why does it always have to be burnt or solar flare?

  3. There are loads of verses in the Holy Quran regarding catacylisms and our ancient past and their outcome. Here are some few (the last one is about Petra). Whether you believe in a God or not i honestly and truely want you to check out the Book. It has incredible Information about our ancient past, about medicine, zoology, history, geography, astronomy, mathematics etc. Its far from a barbaric fantasy book:

    Quran 6:6

    Have not they seen how many generations before them We Have destroyed, We Have

    Given them the means to domesticate the land that we Have not Given you, and We Have

    Sent the rain in abundance on them, and We Have Caused rivers to flow beneath them,

    yet We Have Destroyed them for their sins, and We Have Raised after them other



    So We sent upon them a screaming wind during days of misfortune to make them taste the punishment of disgrace in the worldly life; but the punishment of the Hereafter is more disgracing, and they will not be helped.


    The people of the Rock denied the Messengers. We brought them Our Signs but they turned away from them. They carved out houses from the mountains, feeling safe, but the Great Blast seized hold of them in the morning, so all that they earned was of no use to them.

  4. the carrington solar flare 0f 1859 supercharged telegraph lines and electrocuted operators.the resulting light show was seen worldwide. highlly unlikely that an even larger one hit one side of one pyramid so hard that it blew the sides out and nobody documented it. it would also create intense heat. at 1517 degrees limestone becomes calcium oxide. calcium oxide melts in water and becomes a type of concrete.

  5. Could it have been an air burst like what happened at Tunguska? They also have found the desert glass that is formed in such events. I'm not sure how close the desert glass was found but would be interesting to find out.

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