#Egypt #journey Promises: No Void Within The Great Pyramid of Egypt | Ancient Architects

In 2017 we had been all gripped by the breaking news of a recently identified void inside of the Great Pyramid, substantial more than enough to be an additional grand gallery and located inside of the pyramid at a place that could connect many concealed shafts as outlined in earlier movies.

The mysteries of the Great Pyramid glance closer to currently being solved as the planet awaits the news of what will be discovered inside of this concealed chamber. But just one researcher has occur out on report to point out that in genuine simple fact there might not be a concealed chamber at all and it is all just an regrettable misinterpretation of the scientific success.

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  1. You're right, there must be other ways of examining that area to confirm whether or not there is a chamber. We know for a fact that the pyramid wasn't a tomb, it was something much more important than that, and an additional chamber might give us some more clues as to what it was really for.

  2. Hi Ancients! 🙂 and Hi to all! It's a great post, as usual, I love to see what you post and am happy every single time, mostly happy about not hearing another bots voice but happier yet since you do good research before putting stuff out! Thanks a bunch!!! BTW, isn't Hawass not in 1st plan (not in charge of anything) since 5 years or so? He must be past 70 now? I was sure that once that scum bag was out of the way, things would become good again but nooooooo!!! I miss the late 80's when things were much more simple in Egypte… Oh! Well, time will tell 🙂 Stay well and cheers to you 🙂

  3. Let me guess..hummm. Who has been obfuscating actual scientific research for decades, who has somehow used his influence to delay or even cancel any kind of checking new potential discovery..who has tempered with archeological evidence or even removed it before legitimate scientists could get to it ?
    Oh I know ..Donald Trump.

  4. There is a pattern with zawass he stifles new discoveries then like a scummy thief he slithers in to the complex when no one is looking to either loot or bury new findings or treasure, the guy is no good and has a typically slimy approach towards others!

  5. Hey Ancient Architects, love your vidz. Was wondering, as I am having trouble finding the info, what their target date to explore the cavity is. Or because of internal politics is it undetermined?

  6. At least it's allowed to destroy other pyramides throughout egypt :S THey just don't allow it to be public information. I'm sure the corrupt politicians in egypt are getting in there…

  7. It would make sense to place the sensor near the ceiling of the grand gallery instead, thus ruling out that the indication of "the void" is caused by a series of small voids between the stones in the grand gallery itself.

  8. Hey I remember that guy! He's the one that you see getting angry as hell when anybody asks him the question about the void inside the pyramid. There was the American egyptologist that wanted to send his specially designed robot up one of the small air shafts with a camera just to see and verify If there really was a void. This guy that's claiming it's all a big mistake was red in the face when he was refusing to let the guy do it. He had allowed him to use that robot to explore all the other Chambers and knows that the robot would not damage the pyramid and he was angrily rejecting the idea of sending it in search of that void. That dude is shady as could be he is also the only person that is against trying to find the void. Screw that guy I don't trust him.

  9. Time consuming and difficult to fit the blocks to the correct shape?? Have you looked at the rest to the workmanship inside the pyramid? I'm not saying there is a void but I would be surprised if there isn't somewhere in the pyramid, I find it highly unlikely given the absolute precision of craftsmanship, accuracy of measurement and scale of building a structure with so many 'mathematical coincidences' encoded into it, that the builders would have had a 'that will do' moment behind the walls of the grand gallery?

  10. Using cosmic rays that found the void got me very excited and sceptical at the same time!!!!
    Other technology exists which could be easily used to either confirm or debunk a hidden void…
    It's now obvious that another team with different tech should be sent in before any excavation or drilling of holes/tunnels begins …
    That's if 'Hawass the Knobhead' will sign off on it…

  11. I don't think any amount of revealed chambers will illuminate the mystery of the function of the pyramids. I suspect it'll work the other way round. Somebody will realise what they're for and will then look for further evidence.

  12. The pyramid was originally built for two reasons number one to take shelter app on top of the ground for the elite because the peasants had to go dig underground and there was always a risk of collapse in case of meteors that were hitting the Earth back then because they happened more frequently back then than they do now as well as to take shelter from the Nephilim

  13. Even if there is such a chamber I doubt anything would be in it. Everyone keeps hoping for a holy grail to appear, but by it's very definition it never will.

  14. Thank you for yet another excellent video;though obviously the idea of a "cavity/secret chamber" is fascinating and exciting, it doesn't and hasn't been proven. I had read about the information you're so professionally,succinctly and scientifically providing and as you say,it is amazing that there is no other way of exploring this extraordinary structure.But,even if there were,it would depend on the say so of probably three people in Egypt AND VERY probably no input from anyone on the governing body of UNESCO,who should be in total control over every World Heritage Site upon the planet,I'm perfectly aware that is NOT HOW THINGS WORK,sadly and to the detriment of the millions of interested citizens of the word who are drip sold the heavily controlled stream of information regarding our collective History . I Have read about,watched and visited Giza over the last 50 years (my first meeting with The Pyramids was as a five year old), I've watched and waited, fascinated by every new theory and discovery – along with the monolithic world wide culture;these subjects (very ancient/ancient history) has been my "hobby" for some 40+ years,now. I don't need ancient aliens, but, would love to know who actually built the ancient structures dotted across the surface of our planet – therefore,love your title "Ancient Architects",I think that's sums up nicely what(Who), we – the interested,non tenured amateurs, are seeking. Who were these people? Were they one world wide group or disparate others? Was there a "pre Göbekli Tepe" Civilization? Who were the group who first convinced and quantified the Procession of the Equinoxes and how and why was it passed down,via these enigmatic structures across the world. What and who, I , have a great problem with is the "Hawass types" rooted deep into every single part of this very diverse subject,their egos utterly over ruling any questions, discussion or dissent from their carefully guarded dogma. That UNESCO is such a neutered creature,with such material aspirations and a nonsensical idea of what constitutes the hierarchy of what is MOST important and/or in danger – that Göbekli Tepe,wasn't put TOP of the list the moment the dates came in,is a SCANDAL – this rather pointless old beast is toothless and really needs to be "put down" and replaced with a more invested and powerful body,who really have some respect and can really make a difference. This is a ramble,but,not without reason – until it's too late,we as a world are continuing to allow the current owners of the land upon which these amazing sites sit to "own and manage them" under some misplaced assumption that these "owners" have the best interests of these wonderful places as a priority over a thriving tourist industry ; of course it makes sense in a world based entirely on free market economics – but,look where the greed and miss management of meritorious people have placed our planet! Have you ever had the luck of visiting Libya,Afghanistan,Tibet or one of the other countries now torn to bit by wars over resources ,it's devastating that people who believe fundamentalism and creationism,have louder voices,bigger budgets and weapons of destruction to strip away any structure that doesn't suit their reductive view of "what should be". VERY little of what now exists as bastions of the ancient world are any longer in areas that are "owned and governed" by people who genuinely value these World Heritage Sites( as part of a WHOLE STORY OF WORLD HISTORY ) and it should NOT be down to the too loud voices of the "Hawass brigade" as to who,how and when any non invasive research and exploration is carried out on and at these sites. There should be a World Body,policed by people of integrity?! To see the destruction of the sites of Malta, to visit Petra and see the tourist detritus,is devastating – I've reached a point where I would happily never step foot again upon an ancie site, if it was being studied and 3D mapped ethically and with respect and integrity for the site. To p reproduced,away from the sacrosanct original;with an amazing high tech visitors centre… Like Lascaux, a site I've been lucky enough to visited both the original (with a scientific team) andthe reproduction. This isn't going to happen at The Pyramids, but,thanks to like of the "Hawass version of Egyptian History" ,he's kind of done that with the original anyway. Turning the plateau into a parking lot for people too lazy to walk all around the actual structure – how many times ,have I heard tourists, once they've got their "selfie" ,wish to get out of the heat! The Sphinx, now looks like a reproduction and no one, but,him and his select few are allowed access with cameras to the tunnels and spaces that run for miles under the plateau and which for years he denied even existed,until he appears with a film crew,giving his tour! The cavity or lack of one is yet more distraction from the greater danger to Egypt, the cavity of integrity that lies at the heart of the very people who "allow access" to something that should be owner by no one and managed for everyone from a position that allows discussion and open,transparent discourse to take place so that more importantly than the evidence for /or not of a void,we can actually reach a true understand of who,how and WHEN, these incredible structure were really built!? Rather than allow a void of knowledge/truth to continue to exist in Egypt….

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