#Egypt #journey Opening the thirty Ton Black Sarcophagus Uncovered in Alexandria, Egypt – Historical Egyptian Mummy

A thirty-Ton Black Granite Sarcophagus recently found out in Alexandria, Egypt is creating all people question what is inside….and Egyptian authorities are about to open it.

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  1. I'm still waiting for Cain to turn up! Did he ever get murdered? Because God cursed him to walk the earth until judgement didnt he? And cursed whoever killed him?

  2. Such immense weight, hard material, and sharp edges????? So much hidden and unexplainable history. Egyptians didn’t have technology to create. Evidence and facts lead to fallen angels who have supernatural abilities to create megaliths and did so all over the globe. I don’t trust the Egyptian antiquities. I do hope it’s opened on live TV.

  3. Modern Academia has been lying to us for years. There have been many Civilizations, as much as 4 or 5 and more advanced then our own, that have existed hundreds of thousands of years before our Civilization. Perhaps these stones were cut by Lasers? Look at all the Bones from Giants which have disappeared from the care of the Smithsonian when they get involved, not to mention those Hundred of thousand of years old Carbon Dated artifacts found from these Ancient Civilizations predating our own… Yeah, its very safe to say we have been lied to… now for the important question; WHY?

  4. what if some things arent meant to be open? they shud just leave it alone. u never know what might come out of it. id be creeped out. people got balls! shit

  5. I am so glad that you emphasize that you do not believe there would be any improprieties with the opening.  So I will do it for you.  Hell ya open dat suckaa in front of da world chumps

  6. There are secret (hidden) excavations around the pyramids. I doubt there will ever be a public opening of this sarcophagus. The "forces" behind the scenes, who "write the official history books" don't like to be disturbed.

  7. Waiting for Hawass to say it doesn't exist, nothing to see, no importance. Then down the road, he'll say it's the greatest find ever and he found it personally.

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