#Egypt #journey New Giza Pyramids 4K Documentary 2019 Anomalies and Artefacts That Demonstrate Superior Know-how

With its remarkable precision, architects now would have a difficult time replicating the Giza Pyramids. Part of the fascination is the curiosity that nevertheless stays about who crafted and what their real purpose is. Following examining resource marks some scientists are now suggesting highly developed ancient technological innovation was utilised to move these huge stone blocks, some even likely as significantly as to recommend that, while absent from the archaeological record, highly refined instruments, strategies, and even mega-devices will have to have been utilised in ancient Egypt. They are also discovering proof that the Pyramids are much more mature than earlier considered. So the concern we need to ponder is, did an mysterious highly highly developed civilisation exist in Ancient Egypt, just one whose existence has been dropped to the sands of time? A person issue is for guaranteed, the Pyramids of Giza were being NOT crafted to be tombs!

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  1. why does it have to be intervention or help from. some outside alien or "god" source, why cant ut simply be a previous technologically advanced human civilization pre flood? one advanced enough and globally connected enough, thst we are only now, in the last few years starting to enter into the same. ballpark in advancement, knowledge and skill as they had been pre-cataclysm. imo, it is more plausible thst humans or a. human typr. species built the pyramids and to say it. is aliens is shortchanging our oen potential and our own important history….. ppl jump to aliens because their own hubris doesn't allow them to acknowledge let alone acceot the fact that we are not the pinnicle of human advancement, we are still playing catch up to our own ancestors…… which is most. likely the answer on how they were built, not aliens….

  2. Very interesting….I wonder though….has anyone ever thought about the pyramids as an energy source…?? .Say as something like an energy collector…??? Since the Nile was much larger in the past, then it is to say that the water could have flowed up into the pyramid from the Nile….also since the chambers are small enough to hold water flow inside of them from the Nile…….then they would NOT be tombs, but something else. Another thing, white lime stone is reflective in nature, so maybe it would have shown up like a beacon maybe also to reflect the sunlight as well.

  3. Great work! I was just there with Freddy Silva's group in November… truly amazing. One of the places we also saw was the Serapeum of Saqqara. Just an FYI, there was at least one of those giant black "sarcophagus" boxes with inscriptions. I have video of it, and video of the machining cuts made in the unfinished one in the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities in Cairo. Really enjoyed the video though, thank you.

  4. Maybe it was just another civilization the one who built the Pyramids. Maybe something happens to that civilization and it was destroyed, maybe it was not aliens who built the Pyramids but just another human civilization! how old is the earth? how many civilizations existed before? and you are just dreaming about aliens! aliens that are not been seen since then even now the UFOS are really suspicious !!!

  5. I believe Pyramids have nothing to do with the deaths of the pharaohs as tombs. I think the pyramids have something to do with energy do to where they are built at cuz they lined up in a energy vortex. I forgot the name of the Dr. that gave the speech but his lecture he gave totally made sense on how they could have been used for energy.

  6. Africans build them; they were public works projects. The work sites and graves of the workers have been found. It would have been impossible for slave labor to build such a perfect structure! The "slave" myth is nonsense.

    It is amazing that after all of the archaeological finds, DNA analysis and thousands of pages of the Medu Netcher (renamed "Hieroglyphs" by the Greeks) proves beyond a reasonable doubt that it was Africans who after observing and unlocking the mysterious of the cosmos (God's Words) over thousands of years developed the knowledge and know how to construct the pyramids on the Gaza Plateau. The Great Pyramid was constructed approximately 100 years after Africans designed and constructed the first stone complex in the world called the Saqqara Complex in 2667 BCE. The Saqqara Complex contains Pi, Phi and the properties of the right triangle. In fact, the Africans called the properties of the right triangle “Holy Triangles” which are numerous in the Saqqara Complex.

    Africans are approximately 200,000 years old. They had over 190,000 years to observe and unlock the mysterious of the universe. There is absolutely no evidence of alien beings here on earth. It is pure speculation and conjecture.

    The big elephant in the room is that to acknowledge the truth about the greatness of ancient Africans totally destroys the myth of white supremacy and the so-called Greek miracle.

  7. The whole idea of archaeologist hiding evidence is like a mathematician hiding a new infinite number or a scientist hiding a newly discovered element. They should be stripped of any credentials and barred from teaching in any school forever.

  8. If you are seriously considering aliens as an answer, you have not thought of all the possibilities. They were built before the flood, people lived 800 years back then.
    The dinosaurs were alive and well and some may have served as helpers. (Think Fred Flintstone) They had electric devices encased in stone.(Kosovo transformer, and a stone found
    in a mound in the eastern US). Concrete is the closest we have gotten to being able to pour stone, but they did. They turned stone bowls on a lathe. Our ancestors may have even
    lived on other planets. One thing is sure, they were corrupt. They had to be destroyed, and God may have realigned the planets to flood them out.

  9. I’m a bit confused here @ 20:20. Trying to figure out how the outcome would be 30,000
    blocks needed to be moved in a day for 80 years to build the Great Pyramid when
    it is estimated to have 2.5 million blocks weighing about 6 million tons??!!
    Simply calculating this assuming 24/7 building scheme would give us a much larger
    amount of blocks! 30,000 X 365 = almost 11 million blocks a year!! Let alone
    multiplying that by 80 years! 2.5 million blocks over an 80 years period would
    require moving only 86 blocks a day. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  10. Got to take into account that the Annunaki were the offspring of the Nephalim, the fallen ones that were the fallen angels of Heaven originally. These knew and taught humans secret knowledge that allowed them to create things they never would otherwise have been able to. Metallurgy, Pharmacopia, music, and modifying creation to change humans and animals to what they never were intended to be. "Giants, in the earth in those days, and also after." Scripture.

  11. It’s an interferometer built in the prior Leo epoch 36,000 years old . Used to measure distance measuring gravity or scalier waves . The other pyramids on earth produced the gravity waves allowing the interferometer to pick up the waves and measure distance. Thus obtaining the circumference of the earth . Then focused the light up to see the stars . The “secret knowledge” was units of measure and math needed to interpret their tool or interferometer . Our world used to be of clay and plaster no iron or steel only earth so in order for the interferometer to always be accurate they built a heavy ass super structure around it to keep it from moving in an earthquake or something and screwing up the accuracy

    When the ancient Egyptians found the pyramids they could not understand the diagram of how to use it that was clearly written on the cover stones of the pyramid and where to place the “mirrors”.it showed how to focus the sun through the shafts and use it ..they only recognized the sun so they worshiped it after screwing up the shafts lining digging through it and stripping out the internal parts and internal mirrors that were there . all of the other pyramids were covered up also so the mystery or lost knowledge became some cocamamy alien bullshit … it’s us only clay and dirt and concrete and plaster us

  12. What surprised me was that Pharaoh has an elongated skull, but no one knew because the national geographic museum wouldn't allow people to see it. This is why all the rulers had large hats head dresses. It was to cover their skulls.

  13. The great pyramid was the tallest structure on the Giza plateau and had a top made of gold. Gold is a better conductor than iron, so the great pyramid functioned as a giant lightning rod, regardless of it's intended purpose. The cover stones on the outside, the shafts and the inner chambers was made of conductive stone, so the inner chambers might have been alchemical laboratories, where they tried to make lead into gold, with electricity from lightning.

  14. Built I the Great Pyramid, patterned after the pyramid of earth
    force, burning eternally so that it, too, might remain through the ages.
    In it, my knowledge of ‘Magic-Science' so that it might be here when
    again I return from Amenti. Aye, while I sleep in the Halls of Amenti,
    my soul roaming free will incarnate, dwell among men in this form or
    another.” – Emerald Tablet 1

  15. Could it be a space craft this the difference from the other pyramids like the cylinder craft that past Earth recently they didn't stop due to Earth wasn't there mission and right now Earth is protected or owned by the God king. Why do you see cube, spherical, circular, triangular space craft is this part of what we learn in school about shapes.

  16. Power stations for the massive mining operations that once took place……….they were reactors of some type…….the huge stones and immense weights were to prevent them exploding…..

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