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Attempt out ThePremium Network for cost-free: Hidden Secrets Of Ancient Egypt Revealed Subscribe to our channel: For copyright matters be sure to make contact with us at: david.f@valnetinc.com When it comes to ancient civilizations we really like to explore, ancient Egypt is undoubtedly a person of the favorites. After all, you’ve got the pyramids, the […]


  1. Great find on the Luxor 'temple'… it looks like a set for a film! It made me think of the sets for the film 'Cleopatra', they rebuilt the set 3 or 4 times and were forever moving it about. Ok, the sets were fibreglass and plaster/concrete but the detail is astonishing and I think they must have had some tech to obtain such realism. No CGI back then. Wonderful photographs and music at the end of this video.

  2. I point at a mountain and say that was something else a long time back. And the stare I get isn't one in recognition of my genius. But one that says now you have completely lost your mind ….. you need help. Thanks, Mr. Wise.

  3. There were experiments done within the last couple decades, proving the possibility of rapid wood petrification, adding to the ever growing pile of evidence supporting a young created earth and catastrophic deluge. I would love to see more study in this area to explore transmutation/transition of additional materials like metals, cements, ect. Thanks again for your work peeling this onion, Sir Wise. https://www.icr.org/article/rapid-petrification-wood-unexpected-confirmation-c

  4. The ancient alien tv show is television programming that helped draw in more tourists to visit places like egypt. People sure love their mainstream history and when you add the mysterious element of aliens it makes it more alluring.

  5. "To the bold, belong all things."  You are nothing , if not daring sir.  I suspect you are also probably right. Do the Germans have a word for "lightning archeology"? Cause they're going to need one..

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